Series 7 — They’re Here!


They're here!

And once again the search begins! Series 7 of the Collectible Minifigures has started appearing in stores. Although the LEGO Store Catalog claims they will be available in May, they are already showing up in Toys R Us, Fred Meyer, and other retailers around the US.

Series 7 complete

I know there are confirmed reports in Portland, Oregon and Bakersfield, CA. But of course, at Toys R Us they are over priced and if one is patient, they will show up at the LEGO stores very soon. 😉

I certainly am excited about practically the entire line! And I am seriously tempted to get a whole box of this one.

Sadly I don’t have any of Series 7 yet, but I assure you I will.

Why oh why LEGO do you keep producing such awesome stuff! My wallet groans a little every time another cool set comes out — but that’s not to say I won’t stop buying. 😀

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4 Responses to “Series 7 — They’re Here!”

  1. legogirl Says:

    on sale in a lot of parts of the UK too, sadly however not in the part I live, typical! Fingers crossed when I go to the shops today

  2. Yoda Archives Says:

    Found them at TRU near Nashville today!

  3. magpieschest Says:

    They are available in the UK (I now have a set!). Some stores are limiting the numbers you can buy in one session – so touchy feely is the solution!

  4. Kirazuri Capiriseku Says:

    I found @ TRU in Lancaster, CA today. So Happy!

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