LEGO Batman 2 is almost here!


In just a little over a week LEGO Batman 2 the Video Game will be out for all platforms — June 19th the be precise (at least here in the States). I loved the original game and with the addition of the Justice League characters, I can only see the new game as an improvement on a winning formula.

And if you pre-order the game as I just did today, you get an exclusive Lex Luthor fig!

I plan on doing a full in depth review of the game as soon as I get my hands on a copy and have time to play it. I still haven’t finished LEGO Harry Potter 2 or LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean, but we won’t mention that. 😉

Of course that is the kicker isn’t it — time. As you’ve probably noticed I’ve been so busy doing fun and interesting projects and trips that I’ve had no time to properly blog any of it! Its really and truly as frustrating to me to not blog as it is for you to only see the same posts for days on end.

After next week’s trip to BrickWorld Chicago I don’t have any other trips planned until BrickFair in August. So maybe I’ll have a little breathing room. There is the San Diego Comic Con in next month too, but at least I don’t have to fly anywhere.

Three conventions — Phoenix Comicon, BricksCascade, and BrickWorld — in 4 weeks has been a little much for me, especially as I’m still not recovered from my Florida trip and the project that came right after that one. And of course, as it is Wedding season, my Wedding Cake Toppers are selling like hot cakes and I’m trying to fulfill orders between trips.

I’m busier than ever and my blog is sadly the thing that suffers the most from it. But I can’t complain. A business is supposed to grow and evolve, I just need to learn to grow and evolve a little more. 😉

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One Response to “LEGO Batman 2 is almost here!”

  1. Purple Dave Says:

    I have one really big complaint about this game, and that’s that it will be out _AFTER_ Brickworld. rassinfrassin…

    Presently, I am 100% on all Wii versions with two notable exceptions. One of the Indiana Jones games requires you to create a ton of custom characters, missions, and whatnot to get a true 100%, which I have not done. I have, however, completed all the standard stuff. The other is the Clone Wars game, where I have been unable to complete the Dark Side mission that forces you to fly the squid ship against black asteroids, but I have everything else in that game done. As for the DS versions, I’ve got a few where I’ve never finished all the goofy minigames, not to mention the infamous LSW2:DS, which I stopped playing when I fell through the floor of the map and ended up in a giant pit in space below the Death Star, unable to respawn on the map without exiting the mission first. I since learned that the Endor mission is supposed to be impossible to complete, and my interest in even really getting started kinda fell flat at that point. Pity, since that is still the only LEGO/TT game where you have access to the entire list of unlocked characters at any point during free play.

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