LEGO Batman 2 Video Game Review


Now that I’ve had the game for a couple of weeks and I’ve already beaten all the story levels I’ve gotten enough of a sense of the game to properly review it. Warning — there will be some spoilers.

I have a special place in my heart for LEGO Batman. The first game resulted in my first freelance commission the LEGO Batman Mosaic and an awesome trip to New York. ๐Ÿ™‚

First impression — another splendid edition to the LEGO Games lineup. This game is set up differently from past LEGO games as you actually have an entire city to roam around in. This is a both a good and bad thing. It took me quite a few minutes trying to figure out where the 3rd level was because I didn’t catch that it was a moving truck. So I was driving aimlessly through Gotham trying to figure out where the heck to go.

I am the first to admit that I’m not all that game savvy, which is why the LEGO Games keep me sufficiently satisfied and why I don’t mind basically playing the same type of game over and over. I still haven’t finished playing either Harry Potter 2 or Pirates, but that didn’t stop me from playing LEGO Batman 2.

So anyhow, back to this game. Since I was giving myself a mini vacation — as you know I’ve been running around like a crazy person going to all these conventions — I spent several days playing the game (I did more than that, but I did spend a good deal of time playing ๐Ÿ˜‰ ). It probably would have been more fun playing with someone, but unlike some of the past games, its not difficult to play by yourself.

This game is the first that the characters actually talk. In my opinion, its about time!! I get that the main reason they did the characters with non-specific verbal sounds was so that they didn’t need to change the language for different countries. But with LEGO programs like Clutch Powers and Ninja Go on Cartoon Network we want our minifigs to talk!

I kind of wish that this had been more of a LEGO Justice League Game than a Batman and friends game. Superman shows up pretty early, but it isn’t until the last couple of levels that you have any other superheros to play with. And frankly I think its kind of weird that Lex Luthor is the main bad guy, I guess you could argue that Batman already beat all his enemies in the first game, but still it still is a little strange to me.

Once you beat the story mode, then its time to collect all those gold and red bricks, minikits and of course all the playable characters.

I have to admit, I did cheat a little bit and found the codes online for unlocking the red bricks, mainly because finding all the gold bricks (there’s 250) would be rather difficult without it and I’d rather not spend endless hours wandering. Sure you get several of them by playing the levels but then there’s all those ones around the city. And I mean all around the city — in the park areas, roof tops, out in the waters. If I didn’t have the gold brick finder on, I wouldn’t have ever found some of them. And I still have a good deal of them to go. The ones in the park areas are tricky because they can be just a set of trees or bushes that you have to destroy and they are hidden in some pretty out of the way places. But the rooftop ones are just as tricky because there’s a whole combination of things you have to do — jumping, changing suits (Batman and Robin have several different ones), etc.

Finding all the characters to unlock is also a pain. The best way to find the villains is to use one of the flying characters — Superman, Wonder Woman or Green Lantern — and fly over the city. There will be these blue and red beams of light you can see all over the city. The beams are where you can activate the remote Bat computer terminal and get vehicles. Some have to be unlocked before you can access them. Once you go to the different locations they will activate where the nearest bad guys are on the map then you can go and beat them so you can purchase them with gold studs. Some villains were only available if you pre-ordered the game. For the heroes, you need enough gold bricks and to scan the map. It will ping nearby doors and then you can build the door and buy the heroes. So far I’ve found several of the villains but only a couple of the gold doors to unlock. And of course there’s lots of cars, boats and flying vehicles to purchase as well.

So all in all. I really like the game. I have lots more of the game to play to get all the goodies, but I’ve had a lot of fun so far. I highly recommend it to anyone who likes the other LEGO Video Games and I find I like it a lot better than some of the past games.

I’ve already got my LEGO Lord of the Rings Video Game pre-ordered so I’ll have another review in a couple of months. I would be picking up LEGO City Undercover, but as I don’t see myself buying a Wii U or a 3D DS anytime soon (the only platforms it will be available on) I won’t be getting that game at least for now.

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5 Responses to “LEGO Batman 2 Video Game Review”

  1. Purple Dave Says:

    It sounds like you might not have fully explored the Map function, which is a very welcome addition given the massive size of the Hub in this game. I know it isn’t available from the very start, but once you’ve unlocked your first Remote Terminal (BTW, they _all_ start out turned off), it should be accessible through the Pause Game menu (same menu you use to get into the Extras section to turn on all those nifty stud multipliers and such). This is the same map that pops up at various points during Story Mode gameplay, but you can access it anytime anywhere in the Hub. When you pull up the map, your location will be dead center in the batsymbol that you can move around the screen. The “you are here” mark is just a faint blue triangle. Supervillains that you haven’t collected can be identified by their respective floating heads. You can then move the batsymbol around the map and “ping” the immediate area to see what other collectibles you’ve missed (gold bricks show up as yellow dots, Riddler and Joker boxes show up as red dots, etc) Remote terminals will be visible as larger white dots that flash brighter when you ping the area, unless you still need to unlock them. Then there will be a dark blot over that section of the map that won’t go away until you get to that terminal and unlock it. So, actually, the first thing you really should do once you get access to Superman between missions is fly around the entire map and unlock every terminal you can with him (there are two that The Flash needs to assemble, but the rest are either ready to go or secured with a gold padlock that Supes can take care of). One important thing to note here is that the city hub is divided into three sections that are locked off by a wall until you unlock the proper Batsuit, but Superman can fly right over those walls, so…

    Also, just like with the two Harry Potter games, there are “ghost studs” in the city hub that will lead you to your next mission. In the case of the Juggernaut (that truck you were trying to find), the studs will shift around to point you in the closest direction as the truck keeps driving, and you _will_ need a vehicle to catch up to it.

  2. Bricks N More Says:

    Sounds like a fun game! we haven’t picked this one up yet, mostly because we are still working on Harry Potter years 5-7, but the screenshots I have seen of the Lego Flash and Shazam are almost enough to make me go and grab this game right now!

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