Newton’s Cradle of LEGO


Newtons Cradle

Matt Armstrong is known for his quirky building skills and as soon as I saw this I thought, why didn’t I think of that!

I’ve been wanting to buy a few of those Star Wars Planets sets for quite a while.

I just have a problem with so few bricks for the cost, but every time I see something like this I want to get some. 😉


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3 Responses to “Newton’s Cradle of LEGO”

  1. vexorian0 Says:

    Well, it looks like

    ( •-•)

    ( •-•) ⌐■-■

    This MoC is balls.

  2. Purple Dave Says:

    If you’re not the sort who gets all over any mini-scale Star Wars ships, I would suggest buying the Death Star set because the Death Star shell is just so cool, and skip any others that don’t just scream “buy me” to you. The Death Star is actually molded in two distinct pieces (one with the big gun, one without), but all the planets are just smooth hemispheres with semi-random paint blotches on them that don’t have anything to do with any maps I’ve ever seen. I say semi-random because the top and bottom halves actually have the same pattern, which means the equator on each planet is going to be a trouble spot for the paint pattern. Each shell half has four tabs and four gaps, so any pair of shell halves can be attached in four different positions. On the Tattooine shells, the pattern at the equator has four different dark patches that are precisely lined up with the tabs and gaps so that no matter how you combine the two halves, dark patches in the north will always line up with dark patches in the south. The Naboo pattern, on the other hand, appears to have not been designed with this in mind, so no matter which of the four positions you pick to attach the two halves, most of the land masses cut off very cleanly at the equator, and it looks really bad. Even weirder, the box art images all show about 1/4″ difference between how those patterns line up and how the ones on my copy do, but neither version seems to work better than the other.

  3. Chris Says:

    The Death Star set is the only one I have. I have a few Death Stars on my shelf. I thought about getting them all but decided to get other sets. If I get more it’ll be because I like the planet and mini ship both.

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