Monsters, Rockers and Business Card Holders


A few new sets are starting to appear. First there was the Beach Set that came out earlier this year, now there are two more offerings. Remember when LEGO Rock Band came out, I kept saying we needed a set, well this is probably the closest we’ll ever get.

They are basically the same as the collectible minifigure versions except with slight color variations and brick built instruments.

There’s also a Monster Fighter’s set that is similarly packaged.

The both retail at $14.99 USD, and are already available at LEGOLAND California. Most likely they will appear at the LEGO Stores soon.

There is also a new official Business Card Holder set. Although not as cool as the Business Card Holder I make, its still pretty awesome. 😉
LEGO Business Card Holder

LEGO Business Card Holder Parts List

Also available currently at LEGOLAND California and retails for $16.99. For me the most exciting thing is the return of the letter tiles that were last seen in 2004. I got a whole bunch of the letter tiles then, and I’ll most likely buy a good selection of them now.

Thanks to my friend Jason for letting me know about the sets and Eurobricks for the images of the two minifig sets. 🙂

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5 Responses to “Monsters, Rockers and Business Card Holders”

  1. Purple Dave Says:

    The Rock Band minifigs are actually very different from their Series counterparts. The Punk Rocker has black pants (prev. sand-blue) and a green mohawk (prev. dark-pink), the Punk Rock Girl has an all B/W outfit (prev. ADU-blue/dark-pink) and black hair (prev. dark-pink), and the Rapper has black pants (prev. sand-blue), silver necklace/front panels on hat (prev. gold), and the Series 2 Disco Stu head (looks unchanged) instead of the regular shutter-shades head that the original Series Rapper came with. Furthermore, no CMF guitars or boombox, though you do get the black/silver mic (prev. black/gold) to go with the Rapper.

    In the Monster Fighters set, the Zombie has a reddish-brown suit w/ dark-bley tie (colors reversed from the S1 Zombie), but I can’t tell right now if the MF Witch is different from the S2 Witch.

  2. Jason Spears Says:

    Any tips on calling the LEGOLAND California store? I can’t seem to find a direct number. Do they take phone orders the way the other stores will?

  3. Yoda Archives Says:

    The business card hold is neat. It add personality to the cards and would fit the theme at a comic convention. I could build one from bricks I have but I don’t have any letter tiles.

  4. Ralph Says:

    Next trip to the Lego store will certainly mean coming away with the rocker set and several of those business card sets.

  5. Busniess Cards and LEGO card holder. « Yoda Archives, adventures of a Jedi Master Says:

    […] was full. I received my LEGO business card holder and my Moo Cards. I first saw the card holder at Model Building Secrets. It took a while to finally show up in the LEGOShop It is set 850425. With the set you can build a […]

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