LEGO Google Chrome Logo


Recently (really recently 😉 ) I was asked to help Google celebrate the 4th year birthday of Google Chrome.

Photo Credit: Christophe Wu / Google

This was a “rush job” as they contacted me less than 2 weeks ago and wanted to do the event on September 4th (yes, it was two days ago). Now normally when designing a 5×5 foot mosaic team building event I would like at least a month’s notice if not longer, but when Google called I was bound and determined to pull something together! 🙂

Oh and I was actually working the event for John Hancock when I got contacted by Google, so it was a fun challenge.

With such a short timeline to get this all together I decided to do a variation of the LEGO Mystery Mosaic which is normally done with 1×1 bricks and 6×6 plates with the pattern printed on them. Although it would have been nice to do that version, there were two problems — time and number of bricks. With a 192×192 stud canvas I would need over 36,000 1×1 bricks to create the mosaic. I simply didn’t have time to get that quantity of bricks together. But, with a suggestion from my brother Mike, I came up with a solution — 2 x 2 bricks.


The Google Chrome Logo is luckily in standard LEGO colors. The green is a little lighter, closer to bright green than standard, but even so its pretty easy to get all 4 colors (5 if you count the white background) at the LEGO stores. So that’s exactly what I did.

Having the bricks is great, but you need something to build it on. The Mystery Mosaic uses 6×6 plates, but naturally that wouldn’t be much of a build as you could only put 9 bricks down per plate so I decide to use 16×16 plates so that they would have 64 bricks to put on each plate — there were 144 16×16 plates for the mosaic and just under 10,000 bricks used on the mosaic.

I just love this “Google doodle” that was made by one of the Google Chrome Team. 😉

The event has already been posted online both here and here but they got a few facts wrong. They based their reporting off of Sundar Pichai’s, a Google Chrome employee, pictures that he posted on Google Plus.
Photo Credit:Sundar Pichai
As you can see in Sundar’s picture there are just a 4 guys building. So they assumed that it only took 5 people (counting Sundar) to build the whole mosaic in 2 hours. The model was built in 2 hours, but by about 30-40 people, not 5. Each person was given a 16×16 plate and the printed pattern they needed to follow (you can see one in the picture), and then they could build.

Since the whole mosaic only took 2 hours the Google Chrome Team built a few smaller versions with the left over bricks and plates.



All in all the event ran great! Especially with the assistance of my brother Mike Asanuma, who was able to drive up with me and help run the event. It was a whirlwind of travel and building with a short stopover in San Francisco after the event before we drove home last night. Happy Birthday Google Chrome and thanks for asking me to make it special! 😀

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