Wait a day to get LOTR Video Game


Update–You may want to check with your local Gamestop. There is a thread on Eurobricks that Gamestop may not have any Elrond figs to give out. I called the one near me and they still have them. If you ordered through a store you might want to check with them.

I just happened to be at Gamestop today and I was talking to one of the employees. She mentioned that the same day that LEGO Lord of the Rings now comes out (since it was pushed back 2 weeks) is also the same day that the new Call of Duty comes out.

Now, like you, I’ve been waiting for this game to come out for a while. But as the Gamestop employee pointed out, there will be a crazy line of Call of Duty fans all day trying to get the new game and that I just might want to wait till the next day.

I think that this is very good advice. I want to play the new game like the rest of you, but I’d rather not have to stand in a long line just so I can pick it up. I wouldn’t have even ordered it there if it weren’t for the exclusive minifig.

Even though we all love LEGO video games, there are a lot more Call of Duty fans out there. But since I pre-ordered the game and I should still be able to get the game and the fig just as easily November 14th rather than November 13th. I’m waiting and you just might want to too. 😉


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7 Responses to “Wait a day to get LOTR Video Game

  1. Purple Dave Says:

    Or don’t. Gamestop brick-n-mortar stores have a horrible reputation for dealing with the preorder exclusives. Some managers give them out to their friends even if they haven’t bought that game at all, others save the bonuses for “preferred” customers, and regardless of how that store operates, you can’t count on them getting one preorder bonus item for everyone who actually qualified. So while you may (or may not) have a good enough relationship with your local Gamestop manager for him/her to hold one back for you (and maybe tell some previous unlucky customer that they were out when they really weren’t), not everyone will have the same experience. The safest way to go, for future reference, is to preorder online so you’re not at the mercy of the brick-n-mortar operations.

  2. Chris Says:

    I preordered mine. It is being shipped to my house.

    Also I’m at bricks and heroes in Memphis. Saw your Jewerly. They look great. I got some minifigs from your friends.

  3. Jason Says:

    There is a topic on Eurobricks about GameStop has already run out of the Elrond minifigs so even people who pre-ordered the console versions of the games won’t receive the minifig as promised:

  4. Chris Says:

    Well if that’s true that’s the first, last and only game I preorder from Gamestop. I preordered there because of the mini-fig. Games are so expensive I usually buy used or wait till they go the greatest hits.

    • Chris of Yoda Archives Says:

      My game and mini-fig arrived yesterday. I should not stress so much about little things.

      • Purple Dave Says:

        No, there was an actual problem here, but I think once the promotions department found out that nobody was getting their Elronds, they probably took care of it on their end without the need for everyone to tie up their phone lines (and the last time I tried to get through, I had long waits, got cut off, got an automated hang-up due to call volume, and again had long waits). I’m still waiting on my DS Elrond, which they said they sent, but the Wii Elrond arrived on the same day as the Wii game. It was, however, packed in a different envelope, where I believe the Lex Luthor minifigs were packed with the actual games.

  5. Purple Dave Says:

    Okay, so I just got off the phone with Gamestop for the _third_ time. I got my DS copy last week, back when that and the 3DS game were all that was shipping. No Elrond. No Elrond listed on the invoice. No Elrond listed on the original e-mail order confirmation from back on October 8th, when every copy of the game was still listed as “with free preorder bonus”. The phone jockey had absolutely no idea what the preorder bonus was, and after trying to talk her through it a bit, she contacted their promotions department. They told her that they had piles of Elrond minifigs and that anyone who had preordered online should be guaranteed to receive the minifig, so what I think happened is they botched the website programming and _no_ copies of the game were originally flagged to ship with the minifig bonus. I say this because I also checked the e-mail order confirmations and shipment notices for LEGO Batman 2, and all four e-mails had order lines for the exclusive Lex Luthor minifig.

    So after getting cut off while on hold with someone who sounded like she was working on half a night’s sleep, I got through with someone who could actually give me some answers. This time I was told that the Elrond for the DS game is in the mail, but since it has no tracking number there’s no way to tell when it will arrive. The other order was also flagged at some point to include the Elrond minifig, so we’ll see how that works out.

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