Wreck it Ralph Mosaic


Queens LUG Showcase November 2012

Ever since I saw the first promo posters for Wreck it Ralph I figured it would be simple to turn it into a LEGO mosaic. So it was bound to happen sooner or later, I’m just bummed I hadn’t done it first. 😀

Of course there’s more than just the Wreck it Ralph in this LEGO Store Showcase display by Notenoughbricks. Pac Man, Scrooge McDuck,Mega Man and Mario also make an appearance. As well as the kind of random Mets logo (I only say random because it doesn’t seem to fit the theme). 😉

8-bit characters are practically made for LEGO mosaics and this is a great example of them.

Oh, and if you haven’t seen Wreck it Ralph, I highly recommend it. No LEGO references, just a great movie that brings back all those great retro video games and fun for even non-gamers.


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2 Responses to “Wreck it Ralph Mosaic”

  1. Brian Says:

    Thanks Mariann for blogging this. The LEGO Store these mosiacs are displayed in is in Queens, less than 15 minutes from Citi Field, home of the New York Mets, hence the Mets logo. Agreed, it doesn’t seem to fit the video game theme but at times I try to place local builds in the store windows.

  2. Lego Paramedic (@murphquake) Says:

    LET’S GO METS! LET’S GO METS! LET’S GO METS! Hi Mariann, I’m a LUGmate of Brian’s and I can attest that I’ve never seen the guy without a NYM logo or something #BLUEANDORANGE on! The Mets logo and Scrooge are my favorites, but you guys missed out on the real Mario one (that’s Luigi ;-). Brian had made one on a clear baseplate that was regular Mario on one side and Fire Mario on the other, now THAT was awesome. There are actually 4 more mosaics that aren’t visible in the picture because of the window frame: Bub & Bob from Bubble Bobble are on the left, and Bowser from Super Mario is on the right with a LEGO Piet Mondrian’s Composition II in Red Blue & Yellow that is simply gorgeous.

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