Eurobricks Reviews LEGO Collectible Series 9


We may still have to wait till next month (though I’m betting they will start showing up before then 😉 ) for LEGO Collectible Minifigures Series 9 to officially come out, but we can at least see what they look like while we wait.

White Fang of Eurobricks has done an excellent job of breaking down all the ins and outs of each figure with close ups of both the full figure and the broken down elements within each bag on his review

Like many of you, I “feel” the bags to tell which is which. I’m almost never wrong and that’s mainly due to me “looking” for the specific elements that are different for each figure.

I’m pretty excited for this set and I’m already looking forward to search for all 16. The only one that really doesn’t interest me at all is the knight (not that I won’t get it) because even the less desirable ones like the cop have new elements (his cop hat and decorated tile).

Although as each succession of collectible minifigs comes out I have more and more figs I do very little with other than collecting them. Maybe I’ll eventually do something with all these figs. 😀

One Response to “Eurobricks Reviews LEGO Collectible Series 9”

  1. Purple Dave Says:

    For the record, it appears we are now at _three_ pairs of minifigs that can no longer be identified by blind feel (meaning you don’t know which series you’re dealing with). The Team GB Swimmer was the first, exactly matching the shapes from the S7 Swimmer. Next was the S8 Cheerleader, which exactly matched the shapes from the S1 Swimmer. Now we’ve got the S9 Alien which looks like it will exactly match the S7 Space Marine.

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