Be Brave


Brave Mereda

I made this about a week ago, but didn’t think to post it on Flickr till last night after I posted it as my Facebook picture. I was surprised to see such a huge response, both on Facebook and Flickr. Brothers Brick even posted it this morning. πŸ™‚

What’s really getting a lot of people’s attention are the curls and the bow. Pixar’s Merida is known for her wild frizzy hair and I wanted to capture it as close as I could in a 4 inch figure.
Brave Mereda

I have to admit though, this technique isn’t new — at least in Miniland building — this has been a technique for creating curly hair for as long as I can remember at the LEGOLAND parks and I have used variations of it many times on several of my Superhero figures like Wonder Woman and for my Wedding Cake Topper Brides.

And of course what is Merida without her bow? I thought about using the new elf long bow from the Hobbit sets, but I realized it would still be too short. So I did the next best thing, I made one out of pearl cotton thread and a bit of copper flex tubing. The quiver might be a tad too short, but it was just to perfect not to use verses trying to design my own. πŸ˜‰

If you would like your own Miniland Merida either as a figurine or a Christmas ornament, I have them for sale on my Folded Fancy Creations Etsy Shop.

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3 Responses to “Be Brave”

  1. Purple Dave Says:

    Huh. I kind of have an image of her in my mind wearing a green dress, but she wore a med-blue one for the archery competition, and a dark-blue one for the rest of the movie. I’m not sure that would look very good with primary red hair, though (certainly a primary blue dress would look _horrible_). And I see that orange would be massively expensive, and seriously limit your ability to make more. It would be cool to see even a one-off MOC version, but by my count you’d be looking at $120+ just for the curly hair.

  2. Mariann Asanuma Says:

    Well what really inspired me to make this model was an official Disney Pixar Ornament I saw on Facebook and in that one she was in what looked like a dark green dress. I couldn’t make it dark green due to parts, so I made it green.

    • Purple Dave Says:

      Well, she is a redhead, so green dresses are probably expected. Anyways, looking through the brochure that’s included with the DVD, they have a kid’s costume of the main dark-blue dress, and another one that looks like her archery competiton dress. Then there are two large dolls of her as a girl that are wearing dresses that I don’t recognize from the movie (turns out she does wear three dresses, but the third is a plain brown one from the opening scene when she’s a wee bairn). She’s been coopted into the Disney Princess lineup, and that means they’re going to dress her up more than the actual character would be comfortable with.

      Personally, I’m not sure why they didn’t put her in a green dress to begin with, except that her eyes are blue. And that red hair with a green dress might have skewed her look more Irish than Scottish.

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