LEGO Lone Ranger


Update: Image removed by request

The rumors can be put to rest, its now official. The LEGO Lone Ranger sets will be tied to the new Disney Long Ranger movie that is coming out July 2013.

Its sad, but at the Creation Nation Event we had here in San Diego a few months ago, we were talking about the then rumored Lone Ranger sets and a 10 year old (or so) kid asked what the Lone Ranger was — I feel old when I hear things like that. 😕

On one hand, I’m interested in seeing this movie, even if Johnny Depp (who I do like, don’t get me wrong) as Tonto kind of rubs me the wrong way. But on the other I doubt this movie will live up to the classic series I remember seeing reruns of when I was a kid — no, I’m not old enough to remember when they were originally on TV, so at least I’m not that old. 😉

Either way, we (the LEGO fans) finally get the Western theme we’ve been asking for for years. I have all the original Western sets that came out in 96′ and 97′ so regardless of how the movie does, I look forward to seeing what’s in these new sets. The picture shows us a few new elements — Tonto’s ax, a long horn skull, a new revolver, and what looks like a black crow on Tonto’s head (although that may be part of the hair piece). On BrickSet you can see the set names, although no set images have shown up yet.

These sets, along with all the other fun new stuff (Galaxy Squad, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Creator, etc) that is starting to pop in stores now or just around the corner for 2013 are getting me excited for the upcoming year.

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4 Responses to “LEGO Lone Ranger”

  1. War Hev Says:

    Only thing I am worried about with the Lone Ranger Lego series is that it will probably kill the Modular Western Town’s chances of passing Cusoo, and I would much rather have those sets. Seems like PotC has killed off Lego Pirates for awhile – do I get to blame Johnny Depp for killing off Lego Themes? 😉

    • Purple Dave Says:

      Only when he works for Disney. Which, considering he once told a Disney exec that every character he plays is gay in response to that exec’s discomfort over the way he was performing the Jack Sparrow role, you’d think maybe it would be less roles by at least one. Then again, maybe they slipped the Lone Ranger cast list into the profit reports from the PotC franchise…

  2. Purple Dave Says:

    The tomahawk looks like it’s probably the same part that has already been revealed in that batch of S10/S11 minifig parts, so either version could be first to market.

  3. The Lone Ranger LEGO Series Announced! | BricksABillion Says:

    […] none Leave a comment […]

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