Old MacDonald had a cow


Old MacDonald had a cow

Josh Morris just created this awesome vignette for the Micro Sci-Fi Contest they are having over at Eurbricks.com.

Unfortunately (or fortunately 😉 ) Josh can’t win because he’s on the Eurobricks staff, so that gives the rest of us a chance. 😀

There’s even an awesome trophy made by Simon Liu for the winner:
Micro Sci-Fi Contest

Vignettes are small and deceptively simple. So get out there and build people!

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One Response to “Old MacDonald had a cow”

  1. Purple Dave Says:

    Yeah, I’d love to enter, excep the only unviewed vignette I’ve got in the works is straight up feudal Japan. And I’m not a member of Eurobricks.

    Anyways, the cow is cute, but I think it might read better with the actual cow horns. And it took me forever (and finally zooming in all the way) before I figured out that what’s sitting on top of the UFO is actually just sitting around the top and not actually on it. I was kinda hoping it was a new part that I hadn’t seen before.

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