Cobblecrook Cottage


Cobblecrook Cottage

My first reaction was wow! Practically nothing on this model is straight or uniform. And the walls, dang. Luke Watkins Hutchinson has created what to all appearances is a tumble down cottage.

One of my aims this year is too really dig out a niche for myself. There’s a huge amount of castle builders and many people are building similar things, so I want to try and steer myself away from the norm and work on my own crazy, twisted, gritty style. I like to have a bit of character in my buildings and so I have tryed out a few things with this build. The stone walls are built on 1×2 hinge bricks which allow me to lean the walls inwards to create more of a ‘mushroom’ shaped cottage which is the style I’m going for. More texture to the plaster walls is another area I want to work on and go more in-depth with. I’ve also grown tired of the standard Lego Green color. I feel it’s too bright and unrealistic for what I’m going for, so sand green, dark green and olive green will be my colors of choice from now on.
This moc is a part of a story, and there will be a lengthy written parts which I will add soon. I’ve pretty much mapped out chapter 1, which will include quite a few builds with a larger build as the chapter close.

Cobblecrook Cottage

As LEGO comes out with more and more colors, the 1×1 round tile is quickly becoming one of my new favorite parts and this model uses them awesomely (is that even a word? :D)

I’m really looking forward to more of Luke’s creations!


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