For the birds


Monty the Mountain Bluebird

I like to feature builders that I haven’t seen before when I can. And Thomas Poulsom’s birds are an awesome find.

Woody escaped

Birds aren’t the only thing on his Flickr stream, but he sure has a lot of them. Three whole sets dedicated to just LEGO birds!

Gloria Goldfinch

And as you can see from these samples, they are many and they are varied. 😉

Victor The Violet-eared Hummingbird

Cheeky little Peter

Stormy the Snowy Owl

I like the sense of movement and life he’s added to all his birds. As if they are just about to fly off and he’s captured a brief moment in time. I feel like I’ve gone to a nature preserve just looking at them. 🙂


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2 Responses to “For the birds”

  1. Purple Dave Says:

    They’re good…but I have to admit when I saw the article’s title, I was really hoping for the little blue puffballs from Pixar’s For The Birds short. Especially if there were both “before” and “after” versions.

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