VIP Keychain Picture Credit:Chris Malloy

Have you gotten one? I wish I could say that this one in the picture was mine, but sadly I’ve yet to receive one. I’m really hoping I do, but nothing in the mail so far.

According to BrickSet this promo is running in North America and Europe for VIP members.

If you don’t know what the VIP program is you can read about it on the LEGO website (this is the US link, you might have to change country region to find out the details for where you live). But the basics of it is that for every $100 you spend, you get $5 in credit (USD).

Its a great program and I can honestly say that I’ve gotten several large sets for “free” using VIP credit.

Sadly, even if you are a VIP member that doesn’t guarantee you’ll get one — only “the most active and engaged VIP members based on a list of criteria including purchase frequency (will get one)” — whatever that means. Many are still trying to figure out what the “list of criteria” is exactly.

One of the comments on BrickSet said that they called LEGO and was told you needed to spend at least $500 in the US to get one, but even that might not guarantee that you will find one of these rare ruby figs in your mail box.

This is one of those good / bad promos. We all want one, but not everyone will get one. There are listings on both Ebay and Bricklink selling them for $25 and up, but I’m not really one to pay for something that others got for free.

I much prefer promos where if you spend “X” you get “Y.” And I think there would be less frustration if whoever in LEGO that came up with this promotion would explain what the criteria was.

Back in the days before the internet LEGO (or any company for that mater) could run whatever limited run promos they wanted and it wouldn’t be instantaneously known worldwide. This however is not that age. We know, we all know. One post on BrickSet, Flickr, or Facebook and it goes viral.

Sure super special limited LEGO promos are very cool and when you are lucky enough to get one its an awesome thing. And I’m still hoping I’ll find one of these in my own mail box (if I do I promise to let you know). But for those that don’t get one, especially all the kids that read the posts and see the shiny red keychain but don’t end up being one of the lucky ones, it brings more frustration than happiness.


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9 Responses to “LEGO VIP Promo”

  1. Purple Dave Says:

    See, I’m much less frustrated about stuff like this (just snatched one up on BL for $20, both in case I don’t get one and because I’d really like two) than I am about the uber-rare promotional minifigs they’re putting out to drive interest in themes that have zero need for a promotional blitz. Right now I’m two minifigs short of having the entire run of DC minifigs, and it’d cost me roughly $600 to get my hands on both. I have legitimate uses for at least 4-5 more of the SDCC Batman (also $300 a pop). I’m two minifigs and one pizza slice short of having the entire run of TMNT (over $600 to get the minifigs, and I have no idea what the pizza slice is going for). I was lucky to pick up some of the last SDCC 11 minifigs at $50 each right before they inflated the market by announcing that the Comic-Con minifigs would never be released in sets. And thank goodness I’m not a huge Marvel/Avengers fan, so I don’t have to care about the near-$1000 prices that the NYTF helmetless Ironman and Captain Bucky are listing for. And all of this was stuff that was given away for free, and that you knew exactly how you could get your hands on one, and all of these (except the 2011 SDCC minifigs) were items that I couldn’t justify buying right out of the gate, no matter how much I wanted them. And believe me, I would _really_ like to fill out my DC and TMNT collections.

  2. Antoinette Says:

    I got mine in the mail today! I’m so glad I read this because I would have not known how rare it was. Thanks to your awesome blog, I can really appreciate it. I’ve never been to a convention so I am always jealous of the exclusive minifigs fans get there, but now I have something special to me.

    Key Chain Close Up

    • Chris Says:

      One the card there is a gift with purchase of a Star Wars ship what is the price point to get the polybag? Trying to decide if I want to delay a purchase till free shipping is offered.

      • Antoinette Says:

        The card says, “Exclusive offer. FREE Gift with purchase March 1-31. Free, exclusive Republic Frigate with LEGO Star Wars purchases of $50 or more!”

  3. Darren Chapman (@dmchapman) Says:

    This is odd. I got one (UK) as did a couple of friends. I’ve not been a big spender, or all that regular. Probably 200 quid in total last year? Two online orders, a few small instore purchases.

    No idea how they are selecting who to send them to!

  4. Pedro Says:

    Nothing here until now and in 2012 I won 2435 points buying through the VIP program 😦

  5. magpieschest Says:

    Thanks for posting this – I had no idea that it wasn’t for everyone who had a VIP card! Like Darren, I don’t tend to buy the big sets, but I have managed to get to the store a few times and have reclaimed the points a few times too.
    Hope you get yours!

  6. magpieschest Says:

    Reblogged this on Magpieschest's Weblog and commented:
    interesting post here on those little red minifigures…

  7. Pez Says:

    I spent well over 2,000 USD last year at Lego stores and, and no keychain. I am a VIP member, but apparently I am not doing enough to be considered. Maybe I need to respond to every single ‘rate your purchase/how was your visit’ questionaire

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