WonderCon 2013 and mini set review


I’ve done it again and been gone from here for the past week or so. Lack of an internet connection and my third convention in March kind of took the writing wind out of my sails. This month I’ve got a little bit of a break from Cons, which frankly I needed it.

I will be going back in time and writing about both Emerald City Comic Con and BricksCascade, but as WonderCon, my latest convention, is still very fresh in my mind, I’ll focus on that one first.


This was supposed to be my “fun” Con. I wasn’t planing on working really, just going and hanging out with friends and my brother. But I seem to find LEGO and LEGO related items everywhere, and its really not a stretch that would find it at a comic convention. šŸ™‚

The Nintendo booth had a giant picture of the new LEGO City Undercover game.


I would like to review it, but I can’t (at least currently) justify buying the WiiU just for one game. And I would have tried to play it at the show, but unfortunately there were way too many people trying to play it. That went for the 3DS game “LEGO City Undercover: The Chase Begins” too. But as I actually have that game system, I’ll be picking it up when it comes out. GameStop does have the Chase McCaine figure if you preorder it, but as he’s also in a set and let’s face it, he’s just a cop figure, I’m not as focused on getting one.

I went slightly to the dark side and picked up the Character Building brand Doctor Who Tardis set. I normally stay away from non LEGO brands but this was the Tardis after all.

There’s not all that much to the set at 53 parts considering the price (I paid $15)

The interesting thing is that the Amy figure is basically naked under her skirt which is a separate piece. Why they didn’t make the hip part white or some other color than skin tone is a curious decision to me. Both figures are kind of like hybrids between minifigs and Friends figs. They have the more human shape of the friends fig, but they have the rotating hands of minifigs. I still wish that friends figs had rotating hands.

The disappointing thing to me is that all but the doors are large panels (you can see it on the left of the picture). There is very little building, just the bottom, and top of the model for the frame.
One interesting thing is that they give extra stickers, like they expect you to make a mistake or that they will eventually come off. And there’s a cardboard insert for the “inside” of the Tardis.

I do have to admit that there was a pretty cool 4×4 grey tile for the floor of the model and the 1×6 tile with 2 studs for the doorway (there’s two in the set, one for the top and one for the bottom). The roof was disappointingly one part, but the tiny light at the top is a separate part.

For some reason I didn’t take a picture of it built while I was at lunch (yes I built this while waiting for my order) but here’s it almost completed

Was it worth it? Not really. The plastic is clearly inferior and the figures aren’t all that great, which is why I didn’t buy their version of collectible minifigs. They did have a set with all 11 Doctors, but as I only like 9-11 and the cheapest I saw it for was $45, I couldn’t justify buying it — I’d rather spend that on a LEGO set! šŸ˜€

Most of the rest of my WonderCon experience had nothing to do with LEGO, that is until the last day. But that will be a post all its own. šŸ˜‰

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4 Responses to “WonderCon 2013 and mini set review”

  1. Chris Says:

    I’ve been thinking about getting that TARDIS set. I have not seen it in person. The Character Building sets I’ve seen are expensive due to being imported and at being sold at conventions. The last con I attended had the eleven doctors set for $50. I may hunt this down online or just use pick a brick and some online instructions.

  2. Purple Dave Says:

    On the Chase McCain minifig, Target had them stuck to preorder cards for the Wii game several months ago. The preorder payment was only a buck, so I got 18 of them. While the retail set version of this minifig is better quality, the Target preorder version is distinct in that it has the badge logo printed on the right shoulder, like a patch. The retail version has unprinted arms. Now, what version Gamestop will be giving out (Target, retail, or a new version), I couldn’t say, but I’m happy with the ones I got. I can always give them different heads and hair to make an entire police force.

    As for the Amy Pond figurine, I do have a theory…but as I’m not going to post it here, you’ll just have to ask me about it in Chicago.

  3. laurakqb Says:

    Some Barnes & Noble brick and mortar stores have the Doctor Who Character Building sets. And Barnes & Nobles have sales and coupons pretty often, especially if you are on their mailing list. They have the 11 doctors set for $40 online: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/p/toys-games-doctor-who-character-building-the-eleven-doctors-micro-figure-set/25209516

    • Chris Says:

      Books a million carries the figures. I’ve not seen the set s or figures at my Barnes and Noble. Maybe I’ll look again. I’ve seen photos that they have a Dr who Table since the new season has started.

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