This Fett means Business


Boba Fett (Midi-Mood Scale) 2

Kevin Ryhal has created a Midi-Mood Scale Boba Fett that is fully pose-able.

Boba Fett (Midi-Mood Scale)

Pretty darned awesome!

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2 Responses to “This Fett means Business”

  1. Purple Dave Says:

    I’m pretty sure Boba Fett has never, in anything short of slashfic, sat on a pole like that. And by that I mean that third pic shows how useful trans-clear parts can be. I happen to know that those 2×2 round bricks are available in clear, because I use close to a hundred of them to hold up my Cthulien UFO.

    • Mariann Asanuma Says:

      Well yes, I agree that clear would have been better, but not everyone has clear bricks in quantity.

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