Sometimes Small is Big


Lil' Big Wheel

Remember the Lil’ Big Wheel? Well here’s one that you can hold in your hand. šŸ™‚

Matt Armstrong has done it again, building in unconventional ways to create familiar things. And its so darned cute!

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One Response to “Sometimes Small is Big”

  1. Purple Dave Says:

    The one change I’d like to see made is to use the Alpha Team version of the magnifying glass, as the red lens would probably look more like the solid wheel that these things had.

    Of course, the problem with building this small, to my mind, is displaying it. In a vignette, it would stand out, but I currently don’t have more than about five chances per year to put vignettes on display (and three of those are Brickworld events). In a full town display, you’d pretty much have to have a list of things for people to search for, and even then you’d need to put this in a somewhat prominent location. Still, it would take a display more in the direction I’d like to see, where anything that would normally be filler is a detailed MOC instead.

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