Minifig Stationary Set



I was at Toys R Us last night and I saw this. I almost thought about getting it, but the pricey price tag (is that a thing? :D) at $40 USD put me off buying it — that,and my earlier purchase at the LEGO store. Its cute and the minifig clown pen, if totally impractical, is pretty cute.

Update:I’ve now learned the label was wrong. If I’d bothered to look at my own picture, I would have noticed sooner. The price is actually $12.

I don’t know if I like the minifig pens or not. If you haven’t seen them you pull the head off and the pen is in the middle of the body. I have a Ninjago one that I still haven’t decided if I want to use it or not. I like all these new forays into the stationary accessories, and if was a kid going to school I would have loved to have them to use.

My only complaint is the quality of the accesories. The notebooks and journals are okay, but the markers and erasers are lousy. I guess a kid wouldn’t care or notice, but when I write or draw I like to have good quality pens, pencils and erasers. I suppose most themed pens, pencils, etc. that are made for kids are not made for quality, just advertising, but even so it is something to note. So, if you want them for their collectiblity factor or to accessorize your child in proper LEGO writting impliments than go right ahead. But at that price, I’d prefer something that works better.

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4 Responses to “Minifig Stationary Set”

  1. Chris Says:

    $40 That’s crazy. I wonder what retail on it is verses the TRU mark up.

  2. Rick Churchill Says:

    I think it may be the wrong tag under the item. I can see that it says LEGO PINK BRICK something which may refer to 5560 LEGO Bricks & More Large Pink Brick Box. That is regularly $39.99 at TRU.

  3. Mariann Asanuma Says:

    You might be right Rick. I was pretty tired when I took the picture and didn’t realize that it was the wrong price tag. I’ll have to investigate further how much this really is.

  4. Ralph Says:

    Ouch, another fine example of TRU high mark up. Certainly not paying $40 for that myself.

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