Darth Star


Darth Star_

John Cooper has created this pretty darn cool Darth Star featured in the LEGO cartoon Empire Strikes Out.

Making an image on a spherical surface is kind of tricky and John managed it excellently. 😀

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One Response to “Darth Star”

  1. Purple Dave Says:

    When I first saw this in TESO, I thought it was a cool idea. But the more I think about it, the more problems I see with it. For instance:

    1. In the movie, the main cannon is pointing slightly upwards, where here it’s pointing downwards. Rotating the station to achieve that would put the decks all slantwise, and those poor little mouse droids would all roll down to the bottom.

    2. You could only shoot at planets that are below you, and they’d miss out on seeing the image from that angle.

    3. It’s black on the backside. Imagine how long it would take to clean off all the TIE Fighters that would smash into it while out on patrol.

    4. You’d constantly have Federation starships trying to dock at the spikes up top.

    5. You’d have to ban the use of lights near the outer surface when it’s dark out, or they’d ruin the effect.

    6. There’s pretty much no way you could pass that thing off as a simple moon.

    7. You just know some punk Rebel is going to sneak out there some night and paint grafitti all over it.

    8. Red paint jobs are more likely to get you pulled over for speeding.

    9. Given Darth Vader’s propensity for Force-choking everyone in sight, and his disdain of large space stations in general, do you really think it’s wise to put a giant image of his biggest rival’s face on one?

    10. The first time someone comes up with an obscene joke about the expression on that face, that’s all anyone is going to think about whenever they see it.

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