Mini Mi


There’s a new App in town (well tecnhically on itunes) called Mini Mi that allows you to build your very own minifig avatar — also known as a sigfig.

Here’s the brief, but to the point press release:

What is Mini Mi?

Mini Mi is a little app that lets users create and share their own custom Minifig likeness.

Tap, double tap, swipe and shake to your hearts content as there is much to discover. In fact, at last count we calculated 3,805,928,543,217,530,000,000 (three sextillion, eight hundred five quintillion, nine hundred twenty-eight quadrillion, five hundred forty-three trillion, two hundred seventeen billion, five hundred thirty million) with a few other surprises to come post launch!

Mix and match different unique elements. Choose different colors and backgrounds. Save your favorites, or give it a shake to see what randomly comes up.

Who will you create today?

I’ve played with the app and its really fun. I especially like the random feature. 😀

Sadly I can’t get it on my phone because I have android. 😦 They plan to create it for android in the future, but its only for itunes at the moment.

Its free, so there’s no reason not to get it!


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