LEGO Legends of Chima 3DS Game Review


So right before I went to my two week / two LEGO Convention trip I picked up a copy of the LEGO Legends of Chima 3DS video game. I figured it would be a good plane ride and airport game to do while I was traveling cross country.

*Start Rant*
There’s only one problem, I don’t really like Legends of Chima — at all. Don’t get me wrong, I like the parts. All that lovely bright orange and olive green is awesome. I just don’t like the theme. I suppose if I was 8 or 10 I might be interested, but most likely not. The story line is weak at best, and a little disturbing at most. I mean think about it. There’s all these different animal tribes in this magical land that all get hopped up on “Chi” and fight each other.

No, not the energy force from Chinese culture. The lack of cultural respect that LEGO has a tendency to run right over on occasion has always bothered me. They don’t even change spelling they just go with it — Sensei Wu (a mixture of Japanese and Chinese names) is just one example. The Māori language controversy of the original Bionicle wave is another.

So back to Chima. The main character looks a lot like Lion-O from Thundercats, a show I actually did like watching when it originally came out in the 80s (of course I was like 8 when it came out). And according to the first episode of the TV show Lavel (the lion) and Cragger (the crocodile) were friends until Cragger took a Chi ball before he was ready for it and it results in misunderstanding and the loss of Cragger’s parents which in turn causes a war in the “peaceful” land of Chima.

And that’s where the video game comes in. I had read another’s review that said the game was a weak addition to the LEGO TT Games line as it couldn’t hold up without a licensed theme like Star Wars, Indiana Jones or Harry Potter.

Now I wasn’t expecting an epic game, far from it. The fact that it is only available on 3DS, DS, and PSP Vita shows that they didn’t put as much effort into the game like the much anticipated LEGO Marvel Super Heroes video game coming out later this year.

And the addition of talking, which was a definite plus in the LEGO Batman 2 game, is just plain distracting here. The most annoying thing is that you can’t bypass it. You have to listen (or not listen if you turn the volume down) to the cheesy commentary that goes on and on, all the time.

Well even though its been a week and a half after my trip, I finally beat the story version of the game last night. Playing the game felt rather like a chore. The game-play is the same — break things, fight bad guys, get through levels. But because the constant collecting of Chi, you don’t get to collect the hearts (life energy) as much. And when you have a full circle of Chi, you can power-up. Sometimes you have to power-up so that you can get to the next part of the game. So you’re constantly looking for Chi and Chi vents. (Kind of like an addict.)

One thing I though that was really weird was they never use those Speedor bike things in the game. In fact there’s only one part near the end of the game (slight spoiler) where you build one but it immediately crashes and revels a character disk. You’d think that something that is so prevalent in half the sets would be more in the game.

Was it fun? Sort of. There were fun elements, but I actually had to cheat with a couple walkthrough tips or I wouldn’t have been able to get past certain areas. Maybe I could have muddled through eventually, but I didn’t have patience for it.

Will I be playing the free play mode? Not for a while. I’ve had my fill of Chima and all its silliness. Would a kid like it? Probably. I’ve loved all the LEGO Games so far, but this one fell flat. *End Rant*

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5 Responses to “LEGO Legends of Chima 3DS Game Review”

  1. MsRowdyRedhead Says:

    IMHO the web based game is not much better….

  2. magpieschest Says:

    I am so glad I’m not the only one. Having seen the last Lego Star Wars film (which was funny and clever) I was disappointed with the Chima film/programme. It seemed to be serious without any particularly clever life lessons – especially when it is using “chi” as a life force…

  3. Purple Dave Says:

    I was actually wondering if you were aware of this. I got 100% on it a few weeks ago. My main complaint with it is that it’s so short. I guess I’ve gotten spoiled with the extra large games that tend to result from sourcing 3-4 movies at a time.

    I tended to play it with the audio turned all the way down, so no annoying voices (just long text delays). My biggest complaint with the property in general is still that there are no real villains (except possibly Cragger’s sister).

    The fact that it’s handheld-only seems to be a pattern with non-licensed properties, as currently LEGO City: Undercover is the _only_ NLIP that is available on a console platform (and then only on the Wii U, which makes me wonder if it was a bit of a test run for that platform).

    As for the heart drought, there is one thing that may help out. If you press both the left and right shoulder buttons, you will quickly vacuum up any available Chi in the area (as well as nearby studs). Now, if you power up when you get enough Chi collected, I _think_ it heals all your damage. With only 12 Red Bricks to work with (six devoted to stud maximization and two more to detectors), all you get this time around is Invincibility. Well, there’s also Triple Chi, which at the very least will keep you from getting hurt as much (keep in mind that any Chi collected while you’re powered up goes directly into your Chi pool, and you don’t power down until that pool is bone dry, which means that you can breeze through a large pack of enemies very easily when powered up), but there’s no Regenerate Hearts or Extra Heart bricks in this game. Then again, with True Legend being so easy to achieve in every mission, and the inate ability to vacuum up all your death studs, you can afford to die quite a bit without too many problems.

    The Speedorz do show up one other place. Five of the tribes have a special collectible associated with their hub. Find it, and you can look at that tribe’s Speedor at the base of the steps up to the Lion palace. Sorry, no riding allowed.

  4. Says:

    A thankk you for the review, I have heard comparable things concerning the game and will
    probably be reviewing iit for myself over the nextt

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    […] not much of a gamer anymore, but LEGO video games are always the exception. And unlike my LEGO Chima video game experience, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this game from the get […]

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