Comic Con Swag Giveaway #2


Considering my previous post, this one is a little ironic. But I had already planned to do this before I played the game, especially because Prima Games was awesome enough to send me a copy of the strategy guide so that I could give it away here. And I’m sure some of you will want to play this game so here’s your chance.

Chima DS Giveaway

As promised, here’s my second Comic Con Swag Giveaway. I didn’t get the guide at the Con, but I did make the contact there, so that counts right? 😀

There will be three ways to enter:
1)Comment on this post
2)Like my Facebook Page. and then Like, Share, and Comment on my link about this post
3)Follow me on Twitter @MariannAsanuma and reply to my tweet about this post with the #Chimagiveaway

Yes, you can enter once all three ways. I will leave the giveaway open till midnight August 31st (pacific standard time). This will be international, so as long as I can mail this to you, I will.

Good luck! 🙂

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14 Responses to “Comic Con Swag Giveaway #2”

  1. CatJuggling Says:

    Now if only I had a Nintendo 3DS. ;p

  2. Olivia De Hamilton Says:

    Like, commented, and share 🙂

  3. Anastasia Says:

    Yes!!! This is awesome!!! Thanks for the chance 🙂

  4. laurakqb Says:

    I don’t have a 3DS either. But we might get one. 🙂

  5. Brickbuilder0937 Says:

    Great blog! Even better with giveaways 😉

  6. Kyle Says:

    Sweet! Thanks….

  7. Heather S Says:

    AWE-SOME. I’d la la LOVE to win!

  8. Dursagon Says:

    My Daughter would love this. And she just happens to have a DSi. It works on a DSi, right?

    • Mariann Asanuma Says:

      Actually the game pictured is a 3DS version. But the DS version is coming out in a couple of weeks. As I will be sending the winner a new copy, I will give them the option of getting either the one pictured or waiting for the other one to come out.

  9. Wesley Higgins Says:

    My four boys would love this!

  10. John Hubenthal Says:

    I enjoy following your blog!

  11. OJ Says:

    Would be a good reason to dust off our 3DS. Fingers crossed!

  12. Obsessionist Says:

    Now that I have a 3DS, I would actually enjoy this.

    • Mariann Asanuma Says:

      I tried emailing you Obsessionist. Please contact me, as you won the giveaway. If you do not contact me by Sept. 9th, I will chose a new winner

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