40056 Thanksgiving Set


So I was at LEGOLAND California today and I found this

40056 Poly Bag

I had seen a mention on BrickSet a little while ago, so I’ve been keeping my eyes open.

There’s 46 parts.
40056 Parts

And the set takes all of 5 minutes to build.

40056 Set Built

It is a poly bag, so not too pricey at $7.99 USD. But it is well worth it for all the goodies!

The food elements in this set are awesome. I seriously thought about getting more than the 2 I picked up. I don’t know if there’s been such a small set that has such a nice assortment of LEGO food. ๐Ÿ˜€

I’m not sure if it will be available outside of the US, maybe Canada, since it is clearly for Thanksgiving. I certainly recommend buying it, especially if your minifigs get as hungry as mine do considering how little LEGO feeds them. ๐Ÿ˜‰


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8 Responses to “40056 Thanksgiving Set”

  1. Rick Churchill Says:

    You snatched it up the same day I did. I got it from the Michigan LEGO Store. Happy Hunting everyone!

  2. Purple Dave Says:

    Speaking strictly of actual food (not dinnerware), the only polybags I can think of off the top of my head are Woody’s campfire, Frodo’s cooking corner (both come with a single hotdog) and the “free with purchase” hotdog cart from a couple months ago (two hotdogs).

    • Mariann Asanuma Says:

      There’s also the Friends Ice Cream cart

      • Purple Dave Says:

        And Tonto’s campfire comes with a turkey leg. If we also count CMF packets as polybags (I wouldn’t), then we can add two bananas, two pretzels, one carrot, and one ice cream scoop to the list. Plus, depending on how you define them, two fish. Or depending on your culture, one dog, one cat, two chimps, a seagull, a bat, a snake, a scorpion, a starfish, two merfolk, a gorgon, three aliens, an ogre, a minotaur, a yeti, a giant cookie-man, a man-bat hybrid, and lots of tasty, tasty people. And four corpses in various states of reanimation.

      • magpieschest Says:

        Your culture, or if you’re appearing in Man vs Wild, that is…
        Don’t think this one is available in the UK which is a shame, be a nice Christmas day spread…

      • Purple Dave Says:

        While hunting the Kraang Laser Turret poly, I spotted a Friends bag that includes a croisont, so that can be added to the list as well. There are probably more, but given that LEGO Store polys tend to come in larger sizes than what you see at the chain stores, you’d probably need to have just a bag of food elements to see one of those come with a bigger meal than this one has.

  3. Chilli Pepper Says:

    do you know of any way to order it online? If you do please send me a link. That would be greatly appreciated

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