LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Video Game Review


So I’ve been a little under the weather (okay more than a little), which is part of the reason there’s been a lack of posts. So since I haven’t been feeling all that great, and since the new LEGO Marvel Super Heroes video game just came out I’ve been playing the game.

I’m not much of a gamer anymore, but LEGO video games are always the exception. And unlike my LEGO Chima video game experience, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this game from the get go. 🙂

*** Warning Spoiler Alert! ***

Okay now that the warning is in place, I can freely mention all the fun goodness that is the game. From all the previews of this game and the demo I saw at the San Diego Comic Con, I was sure I would love this game. I mean what’s not to love? Its got practically every Marvel character — ever! There’s over 100 characters in the game. Of course you have to play and replay levels to get all the goodies and find all the characters.

But even from the start this probably my new favorite LEGO video game. I really, really liked LEGO Batman 2 but the main failing with that game was that it was all about Batman. Sure Superman and several other Justice League-ers show up, but its still mainly a Batman game.

That’s where this one differs. At each level you have a different mix of characters — from Spiderman with the Hulk, to Mr. Fantasic with Ironman. You don’t get to play with every character during Story mode, but you get a nice mixture.

The voice talent is top notch! Including the actual voice of Agent Colson (yes he is alive in the LEGO world too)– Clark Gregg. So much better than the watery sound bites they used for LEGO Lord of the Rings and much more in line with Batman 2. The story line is pretty darn cool too and you have all of New York City as your background. There’s tons of hidden areas and you can even ride the train!

If I have one complaint, the levels seem a tad easy this time. Maybe its because I’ve played basically all the TT LEGO Video Games since they started in 2005 with LEGO Star Wars. Maybe, but even so, there wasn’t anything new about the basic gameplay. Each level took about an hour. They would have probably taken less time, but I was going for “True Believer” status on each level — in other words, getting all the gold and silver studs I could — and smashing everything takes time.

Another good / bad thing about the game is that when you beat all the levels you only have 25% of the game completed. There’s a lot to do.

****super spoiler alert****
There isn’t just one extra level. There’s a whole bunch of extra levels! The more gold bricks you collect, the more levels you unlock. And just like the story levels, there’s a story level and a free play level. You need to play both to unlock everything.

On top of the gold bricks, Deadpool bricks (red bricks), minikits, characters and vehicles there’s one additional thing you have to find throughout the game — Stan Lee in Peril. There are no less than 50 of them! And of course Stan Lee voices himself. 😉

Even after 2 weeks of playing I still have less than 40% of the game complete. I’ve gotten half of the characters, extra levels and Deadpool bricks. But I’ve only saved 10 Stan Lees. So I still have a lot to go.

This is definitely a game I highly recommend!!!!

And if the LEGO Movie Video Game is anything like this one (which I’m sure it will be) I will be picking that one up as soon as it comes out next year. 😉

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3 Responses to “LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Video Game Review”

  1. Purple Dave Says:

    I have to agree about the variety of characters. As much as we can all agree that Batman is by far the coolest superhero, and as meh as I am about much of the Marvel universe, LB2 _barely_ dipped into the greater DCU within story mode (and even then, Superman was gimped by kryptonite poisoning for much of the story mode play). In terms of the Wii U console, it’s also kinda weird to be able to play it on what is essentially a gigantic Gameboy Advance (though it’d be cool if the communication range was a bit farther).

    However, I’ve also got the 3DS version of this game, and I’m having trouble enjoying that. Sure, they amped up the replay value by incorporating ten “achievements” into every mission (often with conflicting goals, like not using super powers at all for the entire mission vs killing X number of enemies using super powers). However, this is the first TT LEGO game where you _die_. Yup, one life per mission, and if you die, you have to restart that mission. What sucks even more is that characters whose superpowers should include rapid healing get none of that, and in cases like Wolverine and Hulk, the lack of ranged attack means you pretty much have to put yourself in harm’s way to do any damage.

  2. Isa M. Says:

    “Iron Man 3,” “Man of Steel,” and “The Wolverine” didn’t match up to the superhero blockbusters of 2012. What did they miss that “The Amazing Spider-Man,” “The Avengers,” and “The Dark Knight Rises” got right?

    • Purple Dave Says:

      Compare MoS to Batman Begins vs. TDK/TDKR and you’ll understand a bit more about why it wasn’t the greatest thing since sliced bread. It’s an origin story for the hero, which is one of the hardest parts to get right. Once you get that out of the way, you can pack the next movie full of villainy goodness.

      Two other issues holding it back are that Superman is very hard to do well (so far only the DCAU has really knocked it out of the park) because he’s too powerful, and he doesn’t have nearly as awesome a rogue’s gallery as Batman.

      Can’t comment on the other two since I stopped watching Marvel movies in theatrical release after X-Men United.

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