Fett Christmas Tree Ornament


Fett Xmas Tree Ornament

Its not all that much of a build, but its pretty darn clever non the less. Okay Yaramanoglu made this for the Eurobricks Christmas Raffle that’s going on now through November 28th.

Looks like fun, and I just might have to enter 😉

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One Response to “Fett Christmas Tree Ornament”

  1. Purple Dave Says:

    Huh. Seems like a logical choice to use the new Santa Fett rather than an actual Jango Fett, doesn’t it? But then again, the more I look at Santa Fett, the more it seems like the torso was designed with Boba Fett in mind (green helmet/jetpack look more Christmasy, plus the paint job on the chest plate has lots of silver “chips” in the paint job like Boba’s, where Jango’s armor was _pristine_).

    But that also reminds me that I bought five copies of the original bauble 3-pack and have yet to really do anything with them (haven’t even built the original models even). I mean, I opened one set and built a little diorama with Santa Clause and the Space Police III alien named Kranx (_nobody_ got it), and I later updated that to feature Santa Yoda by himself, but that’s really it. Well, and raiding spare parts out of that one opened copy.

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