The LEGO Movie Benny

So Chris Miller, one of the two directors of The LEGO Movie, tweeted this picture of what Benny, the Classic Space Guy will look like in sets.

Now if your of my generation, you’ve got a few of these guys. They were known for their space logos rubbing off and for the chin strap braking. Which is exactly why Benny was made the way he was.

Of course his chin strap is thicker than the original ones and the “rubbed” off torso is printed that way. 🙂

Benny will be available in two awesome sets coming out later this year

Metal Beard’s Sea Cow
The LEGO Movie 70810

And Benny’s Spaceship, Spaceship, Spaceship!
The LEGO Movie Benny's Spaceship 2

These sets aren’t on the cheap side, but they are both stunning and two of the best sets from this theme.

Even if you were not interested in the LEGO Movie (and who isn’t?) if you like Pirates or Classic Space then these two sets have something for you. 😉


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3 Responses to “Benny!”

  1. Purple Dave Says:

    I was wondering about this guy. I’d seen images of him plenty of times, but also knew he was not in any of the first wave of sets (and not knowing at the time if there would be a second wave). Then a shot of the spaceship showed up, and I thought that if it was legit that that’d be the one set that he’d come in. Then the question was if he’d look distressed or not (especially the broken helmet). I suspect there will be mixed feelings over this salute to the many Space-casualties that have gone before vs. _not_ getting a pristine blue classic Spaceman, especially given that it’s one of the two rare colors (I did get the first set to feature a blue Spaceman, but never got a black one until the Bricktober updated version).

    Ironically, they got Benny’s spaceship wrong. Blue and black Spacemen only appeared after the classic Space color scheme had shifted permanently to all-greys, and was starting to drift toward what would become Futuron. Just as I never got a black Spaceman, I also never owned a single set with the old blue/grey/trans-yellow color scheme because they’d abandoned it by the time I got my first Space set. As such, that color scheme always felt a bit off to me, like it wasn’t _real_ classic Space.

  2. laurakqb Says:

    But does Benny’s helmet have bite marks on it, like it seems to in the trailers? 🙂

    • Purple Dave Says:

      If they did that, they’d have to make all of the movie-related minifigs look used, because they’re all supposed to be actual minifigs. Saying more would spoil the plot, though, so you’ll just have to trust me that it will make sense once you’ve seen the movie.

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