Simpsons — LEGO Miniland Style


LEGO Simpsons

I’ve seen attempts of creating the Simpsons before, but with the 1×1 eye tiles, its a lot easier to be accurate and David Pickett’s versions are pretty darn good!

Well actually they aren’t exactly Miniland Scale, they are a tad too tall for that — at 10 bricks tall Bart is standard Minilander height. But even so, they are in that range.

LEGO Simpsons - Comparison

With the upcoming LEGO episode on the Simpsons TV show and the Simpsons Minifigs starting to show up in stores — which I still haven’t found by the way — I expect a lot of Simpsons models to start popping up. 😉

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One Response to “Simpsons — LEGO Miniland Style”

  1. Purple Dave Says:

    Maggie must weigh a ton, because Marge’s arm is about to break from holding her.

    Also, I realize it’s an accidental byproduct of the rather limiting color scheme, but Maggie’s hair looks like it just got chopped off up top.

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