21109 Exo-Suit Review


A couple of days ago I got sent a very special package in the mail.
Look what I got from Denmark

I’ve never gotten a set before the release date direct from Denmark. I don’t know how I got on the list, but I want to thank whoever at LEGO put me on it so that I could get to review such a great set! 🙂


This is the first LEGO Ideas set that I’ve opened. I bought the Ghostbusters set, but I’ve been too busy to get to it yet — isn’t it a bummer that I’m too busy building with LEGO to build with LEGO? (totally sarcastic) 😉


The instruction book is really nice, with great pictures of Peter Reid — the LEGO fan that created the original concept and Mark Stafford — Senior LEGO Set Designer

As well as the story of the Exo-Suit Adventure

This set also features new green suit Classic Spacemen (and woman 😉 ) as well as Peter’s signature turtle

I have to say, I love the new green suits! When Classic Space originally came out green wasn’t even a LEGO color yet or we would have seen this sooner I’m sure.

The suit design is simply stunning! I’m not a mecha builder, but this just might convert me! There’s so much greebling. This model is sleek, totally pose-able and just plain awesome!



This isn’t the greatest pic, but it shows how well the five fingered exo-suit hands can hold the turtle.

Here’s a quick time lapse I made of the build

So my final verdict — buy it!!! Its coming out August 1st and will be $35 USD. I was already planning on picking up the model brfore I got this, and I’m certainly interested in getting more than one of these, its just that cool!

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4 Responses to “21109 Exo-Suit Review”

  1. Purple Dave Says:

    Did you give your business card to Kevin at any point? I’ve seen CEE namedropped in another review, so I’d guess he’s behind it. Back in the day, my stuff crossed the desk of Michael McNally, but that was back when Jake was still inventing Kevin’s job. Of course, nobody there had my address, so it was easy to figure out when I got an e-mail saying, “I have something to send you; what’s your address?”

    Crumble trees were green on brown, so technically both of those colors predate Classic Space. The 32×32 modern baseplate came out in 1978, which is the same year that Classic Space launched. The earliest 10×20 basebrick was available in green as early as 1960, almost two decades before the first minifig. Green has been around a lot longer than people realize, but it did still take a few years before it transitioned from baseplate, to modern LEGO foliage (i.e. something that wasn’t just dipped into a bin of unprocessed plastic resin pellets), to regular bricks and plates, which seems to be what triggered today’s AFOLs to notice that they owned green parts.

    Ecto-1 is a pretty cool set, and a much better finished product than the Delorean (though the BttF minifigs are better). I built my shelf copy on June 1, while listening to the Ghostbusters DVD, and then after the two I ordered from S@H arrived, I built a temporary second copy while listening to the Ghostbusters 2 DVD. That copy was at Brickworld, in the shadow of the really really tall building, as part of a send-off for Harold Ramis. Someday, that copy will be torn apart to surrender parts to a more accurately scaled version of itself, but it might be a few years before I get started on it.

  2. Chris Says:

    Congratulations on getting the set early. I’m so looking forward to that set. Early birthday present for me!

  3. gev1138 Says:

    Green was totally a LEGO color long before Classic Space era.. it was rare though.

  4. Wesley Says:

    How posable is the mech?

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