1500 Likes and growing! Plus — A Giveaway!


Hi all, I really need to get back into the habit of posting again. Now that most of my travel is done for the year (I still have at least one more commission out of town next month), I can settle down again a start posting.

Although I’ve been rather quite here, I’ve been posting on my Model Building Secrets Facebook Page and that is the reason for this post.

My page has just reached 1500 likes! A nice milestone and very exciting. 🙂

So naturally the best way to thank everyone for following here on the blog, on Facebook and on Twitter is to do a giveaway. 😀

1500 giveaway

All the treats and none of the tricks. 😉

I’ve added a little mix of everything, including the Martian Manhunter fig that was only available as a promo fig.

There will be 3 ways to enter:

1)Comment on this post
2)Like my Model Building Secrets Facebook Page and then Like, Share, and Comment on my link about this post
3)Follow me on Twitter @MariannAsanuma and reply to my tweet about this post with the #1500Giveaway

There will be one winner. Yes, you can enter once all three ways. I will leave the giveaway open till midnight Halloween, October 31st (pacific standard time). This will be international, so as long as I can mail this to you, I will. Good luck!

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55 Responses to “1500 Likes and growing! Plus — A Giveaway!”

  1. hilda Says:

    So nice of you! I have played with lego when I was child and grew out of it, but just recently I have gone back to loving lego again.. ❤️ Thanks for giving us all a chance to win the giveaway ^___^

  2. Brickbuilder0937 Says:

    I always enjoy reading your blog!

  3. Ben Guilfoyle Says:

    Wow some great prizes here! Been a reader for a little while, great to see this many people reading it!

  4. simon Says:

    yay international ❤

  5. Russell Clark Says:

    Way to go Mariann!

  6. Jesper Says:

    Nice job 🙂

  7. Ogle My Lego Says:


  8. Mike Snethen Says:

    1500? Way to go!

  9. Wayne Says:


  10. Marin Says:

    Must be great, doing what you love. 😉

  11. 541n7 Says:

    ERM. Comment?

  12. Artizan Says:


  13. Michele Says:

    Wow Awesome!

  14. Dreiske Says:

    Congratulations on 1500 likes!

  15. Suzanne Eaton Says:

    Congrats on your 1500 likes! I look forward to reading more posts.

    p.s. “quite” –> “quiet” (above)

  16. suburbancorrespondent Says:

    I’ve got a son who (at 14) is obviously not outgrowing his love of Legos, so I am glad to find this page.

  17. Chris Hallbeck (@ChrisHallbeck) Says:

    I hope I win!

  18. Ashley Says:

    Awesome! Just found you and can’t wait to read through your stuff! 🙂

  19. Purple Dave Says:

    Token post. (Hey, if you’re not going to put any effort into it…)

  20. John Cooper Says:

    Congratulations on reaching the new milestone!

  21. Ken Says:

    I hope your time away was enjoyable. I always look forward to your posts, no matter how long it takes.

  22. Dan Says:

    This is my first time here, nice blog. Found you via The Brick Fan.

  23. SpeakingJargon Says:

    Boy howdy, what a giveaway! Congratulations!

  24. David K. Says:

    Congratulations on the milestone!!!

  25. robbsims Says:

    I always enjoy reading your blog. Thank you for sharing your experiences with LEGO.

  26. Alonso Jauregui Says:

    Congrats for 1500 likes!!!! Felicidades Sigue así :D!

  27. Ximena Says:

    Genial 😊

  28. thehikingmonk Says:

    Thanks! Great site!

  29. Ange Beaumont Says:

    Oooooh yes please!! Would definitely help with the Christmas present shopping!! If I could keep them a secret for that long 😉

  30. Laura Baran Says:

    Keep up the Likes!!!

  31. Mike Higgs Says:

    Let’s keep those numbers going up!

  32. Alfred Speredelozzi Says:

    There’s a lot to like… 🙂

  33. Kasey Potter Says:

    awesome so generous 🙂

  34. Andy Price Says:

    I look forward to reading more of your blog! Thank you!

  35. lewis shay Says:

    cool, giveaways are always nice, and good for the MOC community

  36. Daniel Hose Says:

    Awesome! Love the page and congrats on 1500 likes.

  37. Brian Armstrong Says:

    Thanks for the blog, and the giveaway!

  38. Landon Graves Says:

    Congrats! This is great news. Thank you for doing a give-away also.

  39. Eddie Says:

    Great blog! Always looking for more Lego info – nive Martian Manhunter minifig in this giveaway too!

  40. David Says:

    Comment! Looking forward to new posts!

  41. Jon (@JustJon) Says:

    Congrats on 1500 Likes!

  42. Charmaine Willis-Croft Says:

    Wonderful prize! My boys would love this!!!

  43. Kathleen Says:

    Wonderful my children would love this

  44. Tami Ranee Gooch Says:

    awesome as and congrats

  45. tonia clifton Says:

    These are cool and good its international

  46. Gabby Hooper Says:

    congrats what a great giveaway too

  47. matt Says:

    Looking forward to seeing more posts from you.

  48. German Lopez Says:

    Awesome contest, perfect little gifts for my toddler. Thanks for the opportunity and congrats on 1500!!!

  49. Anthony Forsberg Says:

    Congrats on 1500 likes! you definitely deserve it, your creations are awesome and truly inspiring.

  50. Beth Says:

    Congrats! I feel silly — my son and I have been following your blog for ages, (2 or 3 years?), but I didn’t know you had a Facebook page. Glad to see you back.

  51. Daniel Says:

    Congrats from Germany for 1500 likes. Great to see your blog active again.

  52. Umbra-Manis Says:

    Good to see some more new posts!

  53. Darren Keep Says:


  54. Tony Says:

    Mmm, Martian goodness.

    Thanks for the contest and congratulations!

  55. Rusty Patti Says:

    Dear Great Pumpkin, I’ve been very good this year.

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