3 Responses to “LEGO Shirt at Target”

  1. magpieschest Says:

    Cool! I do wish that a) they produced more in an affordable adult size b) they sold these in the UK!

  2. Betty Dingus Says:

    Target will match their own online prices — recently some LEGO sets were $10 and $7 cheaper online than in the store. You just go to the service desk to buy it. Although the second time, the online price the service desk brought up was wrong. I had to show them the lower price I’d found a minute earlier in the LEGO aisle. (The shirt-in-a-cup was on an endcap in the toy section, btw.)

  3. Irus Says:

    I finally found a matching shirt for me and my son to wear!! I was super excited when I found it.

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