Happy New Year! Magnificent Maleficent and other assorted models


Hi all, its been a while. Happy New Year! One of my new year resolutions is to keep up my blog more. So lets get this started

I created this minutes after the clock struck 12 on New Year’s Eve / Day. I posted it on Facebook, but not here on the blog.

I was looking on Flickr and found this cool Maleficent model by legorobo:waka. Its almost Miniland scale.

He also created this cool insect scene

Tyler Clites always known for his fun and whimsical builds created this cute Eskimo scene
Free Eskimo Kisses!

And because I like Unikitty, check out this cool Super Angry Kitty by Mark Holden
Super Angry Kitty!!!

And last but not least is Saturday Morning Bender by Sean and Steph Mayo
A Saturday Bender

Sorry for being so incommunicado, I hope on doing better this year! May we all have an awesome year of LEGO in 2015!

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One Response to “Happy New Year! Magnificent Maleficent and other assorted models”

  1. Purple Dave Says:

    SAK would look better if the upper row of teeth pointed down. Half-pins would be the easiest way to make this happen, as most 1x bricks have an internal ridge that a Technic pin flange will lock onto when the slot in the tip is turned parallel to the length of the brick.

    I remember someone at Brickworld was asking advice on how to do a much bigger version of this, but I have no idea how one would keep it from toppling over and crushing its own skull, short of adding some really obtrusive trans-clear bracing below the lower jaw and inside the mouth.

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