Spring Cleaning 2016 Giveaway


Hi all. I’ve been planning on doing a giveaway for a while now. At first I was planning on doing it when I got a certain number of likes on my Model Building Secrets Facebook Page, but as my page gets more popular, the number changes daily and the certain number I was waiting for is already 200 likes in the past. 😀

So I’m calling this my Spring Cleaning 2016 Giveaway!

Spring 2016 Giveaway 1

Its a bit of this and that — the Bunny from last year, Olaf’s summer time fun, a Clone Trooper Lieutenant and a hard to get LEGOLAND Train, only available at the LEGOLAND parks.

There will be three ways to enter —

1)Comment on this post

2)Like my Model Building Secrets Facebook page and then Like, Share, and Comment on my link about this post

3)Follow me on Twitter @MariannAsanuma and reply to my tweet about this post with the #MBSGiveaway2016

Bonus entry —

4)Follow me on modelbuildingsecrets Instagram and Like and Comment #MBSGiveaway2016 on the entry photo to enter

There will be one winner. Yes, you can enter once all three  (four) ways. I will leave the giveaway open till midnight March 12th(pacific standard time). This will be international, so as long as I can mail this to you, I will. Thanks to all my fans and good luck! 😀


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35 Responses to “Spring Cleaning 2016 Giveaway”

  1. Russell Clark Says:


  2. Danielle Brooks Says:

    This is a cool contest.

  3. Grace Says:

    I would love those!!!

  4. Michael Kang Says:

    Hopefully I can win. Finger crossed,

  5. Darren Andree Says:

    Liked and followed!

  6. Toni Epi Ges Says:

    Thank you for the chance!

  7. Martín Rivas Acosta Says:

    That Legoland Train looks really nice, thank you for the oportuniy!

  8. mike Says:

    Thanks for the fun contest Mariann!

  9. Sarah Says:


  10. Shell Says:

    Cool giveaway

  11. Cale Leiphart Says:

    Oh wow! How do I not have a LEGOLAND train in my life?

  12. John Cooper Says:

    Count me in! Keep building!

  13. Mariah Says:

    My son loves Lego and your site!

  14. Capt R Brown Says:

    Found your page through Mark Noel. Great giveaway! My boy would love it. 😊

  15. Jenny J Says:

    Spring cleaning is always good – count me in!

  16. Mari Says:

    Great posts!

  17. Cristina Lazar Says:

    If i win, i would make my girl very happy.

  18. debbie Says:

    Thanks for the chance. Love your journey with lego

  19. Yago Says:

    Awesome Giveaway! hopefully I’ve got some luck in me 🙂

  20. Johnny Boone Says:

    I would love to have those sets. I don’t have any that old. Adding them to my collection would be great!!

  21. DJLott Says:

    Hi! This is a nice Spring giveaway!

  22. blufogtephen Says:

    Great giveaway!

  23. benfirhouse Says:


  24. John Russell Says:

    Oh what joy this is.

  25. Christina Clark Says:

    Everything is awesome!

  26. Chris Says:

    Great way to welcome Spring!

  27. Tracy Berghan Says:

    Awesome! My son would love this (Y)

  28. Landon Graves Says:

    During my spring cleaning, I bought Poe’s X-Wing, and a minecraft set… different ways I suppose.

  29. Darren Says:

    Thank you for hosting this contest!

  30. Tim wright Says:

    Hello! I’d like to enter. Thanks!

  31. Brickbuilder0937 Says:

    I can’t turn down a chance for free LEGO sets.

  32. Greg Fastabend Says:

    I’d love free Legos!

  33. Matt Says:

    Would definitely like to have one of those Legoland trains. Fingers crossed.

  34. BrickRoad Says:

    Looks like I’ve missed the boat! When’s the next one?

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