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LEGO Collectible Minifigures Series 4

December 6, 2010

Although Series 3 has just hit the shelves and Series 2 is still readily available, there is already buzz about Series 4 which is scheduled to come out in March or April of 2011.

8804 Minifigures Series 4

I wasn’t as excited about Series 3, but now that I have gotten a full set, I really like them. πŸ™‚

The figures are as follows (not official names):

Hockey Player
Bio Hazard Suit Guy
Punk Rocker
Frankenstein Monster
Surfer Girl
Garden Gnome
Geisha (Kimono Girl)
Navy Sailor
Mad Scientist
Football (Soccer) Player
Ice Skater

Just by looking at the pictures of Series 4 I know that I am going to want multiples of several figures and the new elements are amazing! I love the ice skates, the erlenmeyer flask, the silver trophy, fan, mo-hawk . . . well you get the idea. πŸ˜‰

8804 Minifigures Series 4

Its really hard to even say one that I don’t like in this set, maybe the skateboarder but even he has a new torso print. Some are saying this is the best series so far and I’d have to agree with them.

Building Tragedy!

August 23, 2008

Tragedy happened the morning after I posted the Jing Jing Olympic Model. When I walked into my LEGO room I did not see my Jing Jing model on the desk as I expected. It looked like this instead.

A Builder's Worst Nightmare!

A Builder's Worst Nightmare!

After the initial shock, I sat down and got to work. I hadn’t just spent six days on this model for it to last for only one day! Now granted, the model’s head is top heavy. But if you do notice, since the model is broken, that the model is hollow. As a Master Model Designer, we always have to make a model as light as possible. That is part of the reason it broke so easily, the other reason was that since it was a prototype the bricks were not as interlocked as they could have been, especially on the head of the model. If I was going to display the model any where, I would probably make a copy with the bricks better interlocked. That’s how we did it in the Model Shop. Prototypes are intentionally fragile (in other words easy to take apart) , that way if you don’t like how the model is going, you can change it easily.

So as I said, I got to work. Although it looked terrible, the model wasn’t all that hard to put back together. It actually only took me about ten minutes to put all the parts back where they were. And no, there were not extra pieces when I was done. I think the main reason that it only took me a few minutes is that I had just built the model. If say the model broke six months from now, it would probably take more time to figure out how it all goes back together. But then again, if the model broke in six months I probably wouldn’t put it back together at all, since the Olympics would be over. πŸ˜‰

Olympic Mascot Jing Jing

August 19, 2008

Although I posted the Miniland Scale Michael Phelps first, I actually was working on another Olympic themed model at the same time.

Jing Jing, one of the five mascots for these Olympic games, looked like a pretty easy build — at first. I thought that it would only take me two to three days tops to make this model, but it ended up taking six days to make.

It was especially difficult to design the head. Getting the eyes and leaf decorations just right took a lot of planning.

And just to make it clear, there is no “cheating” of bricks in this model. I really don’t like it when people cheat (glue parts in place) instead of finding a solution around it.

Olympic Gold

August 16, 2008

In honor of Micheal Phelps record-breaking accomplishments I thought I’d make this Miniland Scale Vignette.

Michael Phelps Wins Again!

Michael Phelps Wins Again!

I had a lot of fun trying to capture to Olympic rings and the gold medal in this scale.

Hope you enjoy it.