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Holy Micro Batman!

April 10, 2012


After I built my Mini Modulars building set I naturally wanted to have it on display. So I cleared off a few of my older models on top of my LEGO supply drawers and set it up there. I decided to leave my 2006 LEGO Batman San Diego Comic Con exclusive (which has apparently gotten very expensive!) up there since there was room. What I didn’t notice until just a few days ago was how perfect the placment was! 😀

LEGO Moleskine Notebooks

March 1, 2012

I’m sure many of you are familiar with moleskine notebooks, well now there are LEGO ones!

When I first saw pictures of these I new that I wanted at least the plain paper ones. They are so cool! Although the plate on the cover seems a little superfluous, they are great as a building journal or just to have. 😉

The legends of Moleskine and LEGO finally meet in this instant notebook classic. The themed black cover is debossed with a red LEGO screenprint, and even has a real red LEGO brick embedded in the cover to spark your playful side. As a platform for free expression, you can arrange words, sketches, and thoughts like building blocks and construct a world of your own. With 240 blank pages (120 leaves), use the included themed adhesive labels and let your ideas flow. The distinctive inside cover inspires with the colorful axiom “Think With Your Hands”.

Here’s a cute video advertising them

Although you can get them from the moleskine website, they are much cheaper on

Necessary, no. Wanted for the shear coolness of it, yes. 🙂

First Look at Space Police 2010 Sets

October 9, 2009

The 2010 sets just keep popping up. I found out about these over at Eurobricks.

LEGO Space Police Raid VPR 5981

LEGO Space Smash ‘n’ Grab 5982

They both look like pretty cool sets. With the new alien in LEGO Space Police Raid and the purple elements in Smash and Grab I’m definitely adding them to my want list. According to they will be released January 1st.

If this year is anything like past years however, I have a sneaky suspicion that a great deal of these “leaked” sets that are due to release in January will more than likely start showing up on the the shelves just around Christmas time. (This is just my personal opinion, not a fact). 😉

One thing that I think is pretty funny about the new Smash and Grab set is what the alien is trying to steal — an ATM embedded in an asteriod (at least I think that’s what the set designers were going for).

You can see a zoomed-up version of the picture at Update: And if you look really closely you will see the new 1×3 tiles on the front. 8) (Thanks Bruce for pointing that out)

Tomorrow I’ll preview some of next year’s Creator line so stay tuned. 😉

New Christmas Set 10199

May 22, 2009

Thanks to Dɐno aka Daniel Drisdelle on Flikr, we get our first look at this upcoming set. As for price, well on Amazon Japan the original price is ¥12,600 (Yen) and the discounted price is ¥8820 (or around $93). Japan is normally more expensive than the US on LEGO sets, so I still don’t know the price here. Not much else is known about this set, at least not yet. Over at Eurobricks there is a forum discussing how cool this set is. As for me, I’m really excited! This is what the Medieval Market Village was last year, the set. So far I haven’t seen anyone say one thing bad about this, except for maybe the possible cost. Someone even mentioned that they hope it might be the start of a LEGO Holiday Village.

With each of these new Ultimate Collector sets I see, the more and more happy I get with the LEGO company and the direction they are going in. 😀 What I love about these newer sets is that the appeal to both boys and girls, something that the company has been lacking in for the past 30 years.

No offense to the boys out there, but it seems that LEGO is finally realizing that they’ve been missing out on marketing their products only for guys. Every time they have tried to sell something as a “girls” set, it didn’t do as well because they were going about it the wrong way. Not every girl likes to build in pink, not every girl wants to make jewelery, and not every girl has to have a Barbie-like set. Sorry, rant over. 😛 I’m just happy they are making the kind of sets that I’ve always wanted. 😉