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Miniland Scale Giraffe

November 11, 2010

When Tim Goddard decided he’d try his hand at Miniland Scale building he didn’t make a simple person or build a car in that scale. No, he decided to do a Giraffe.



Creating something of that detail and complexity with wonderful articulation to boot shows that even a Miniland “novice” can create something awesome on his first try. Of course he is a great builder, so its not really a surprise. 😉

Great job Tim!

Robo T-Rex

February 18, 2010

Alyse or Remi aka Bolt of Blue (I’m not sure which) created this crazy articulated reptile.

My first attempt at gear-based articulation joints. I don’t think I could have chosen a more difficult shape! He stands, barely. There’s 5 articulation points in the legs, but trying to extend the legs at all just busts axles. Dude needs to shed some pounds.

Loosely inspired by this crazy German commercial for… something…

A very impressive and slightly terrifying model. 🙂

Looks like Walter is in a bit of trouble. 😀