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Model Building Secrets’ Blog is 2 years old!

August 11, 2010

When I started this blog two years ago I honestly couldn’t have said where exactly this was going. I have to admit, I was a little bit skeptical of blogs back then. I honestly didn’t think that people would be interested in hearing what I had to say. Especially when in the first month I only got about 700 hits total (I usually average about 1000 hits per day now).

But then I also didn’t realize that I’m pretty much the only (former) Master Model Builder that blogs consistently and that I do have a tendency to put a different spin on what I write about. I guess it helps that I’ve always been a writer, and that it was one of my dreams to become a famous author. I haven’t quite reached that goal yet, at least not in the non-LEGO community, but I’m getting there. 😉

As it is my blog’s birthday I thought it was a perfect time to write about the new LEGO Birthday Party kit that now is available online.

LEGO® has the tools you need for the best birthday ever built!

Celebrate the LEGO® way with brick inspired party products! Build the perfect party with LEGO invitations, thank you cards, name stickers, building tips and trick booklets, minifigures and more!

* Includes 10 each of invitation cards, thank you cards, 3D name stickers, building tips and tricks booklets, Birthday Builder Packs, Official LEGO Builder Licenses and minifigures as well as 1 pop up card and 1 magnet.
* Exclusive birthday-themed minifigures
* Everything comes packed in a handy kit!
* The ultimate resource for LEGO fans of all ages

Now at $60 this is a pretty pricey kit, especially considering the very few actual LEGO that you get. On you don’t really get to see whats in the kit, but on Eurobricks member Alywin has detailed pictures.

The only things that are really of note are the 10 minifigs and the decorated magnet.

I know I won’t be getting this, but at the same time, I can see how it would be good for a Mom that can’t figure out how to create their own LEGO themed party kit.

So happy birthday blog and may we have many more birthdays, and many more readers, as the years go on. 🙂