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Banning Art Hop 2010 Recap

May 3, 2010


The Banning Art Hop turned out to be a great event! 🙂 Kids loved all the LEGO I brought for them do play with (thanks Matt Armstrong for letting me borrow his bricks). I also brought several LEGO models to display:



And in case you are wondering, yes that is a 5 foot long Golden Gate Bridge behind the Garbage Truck. It was originally designed for an event that didn’t end up happening. I’ve been holding on to the prototype for months and haven’t gotten around to build it till now (with some help from Kevin Rooten). The model isn’t completely finished, it is still missing the smaller cables that connect the bridge to the main cable. I was planning on making this for Bricks by the Bay, but with the Scripps Hospital project, I didn’t have time.

I want to thank the Banning Cultural Alliance and Waste Management for inviting me up to the Art Hop 2010 event and all the kids and LEGO fans that came to see me. I also have to thank my friend Kara Hildreth for coming up with me and helping with the event.