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Brick Blog Shirt

May 11, 2013


I found the coolest shirt at LEGOLAND yesterday and just had to have it. The only unfortunate thing is that they only have it in kids sizes. But the fortunate thing, at least for me personaly, is I can wear a child XL. Yes, there are a few times when being under 5 feet tall is a bonus. I really wish that LEGO and LEGOLAND would make some of the kids only shirts in adult sizes and I’m sure I’m not the only one that wishes that. But I’m lucky that I can wear them even when they don’t. 😉

Modulex now available on Bricklink

September 2, 2009

(photo by Zack Milenius )

Have you ever heard of Modulex LEGO bricks? Modulex bricks are smaller than LEGO LEGO. Confused? 😀 Well even now in this information age its still hard to find much out about modulex. I hadn’t even heard of them before a few years ago. As you can see in the picture, they are a smaller, more pastel version of LEGO bricks.

This is what Brickfetish has to say about Modulex:

In the early 1960’s Godtfred was building a new house and, naturally, he tried to model the structure with Lego bricks. The problem was that the Lego, with an aspect ratio of 6:5, was different than standard European construction modules of 1:1. Rather than contend with the problems of using regular Lego bricks he simply had new, special bricks molded for him. Bricks that would allow him to more closely copy his architectural plans.

These new bricks were based on a 5mm cube (1:1) and were about 5/8 the size of a standard Lego brick. After he finished his house model, Godtfred began to investigate the possibility of marketing these elements to architects and planners. In 1963 he created a new company, Modulex A/S.

The M20 system, their first product, was intended for architectural modelling and consisted of a range of bricks, slopes, tiles, baseplates, windows and letter tiles based on the 5mm cube and intended for 1:20 scale building (hence the name M20). The system also included several unusual items, such as baseplate foil, a foil comb and cutter, even solvent-based glue. The early elements were molded by Lego and had the familiar “LEGO” logo on the studs. Later elements had a simple “M” (for Modulex) on the studs.

So basically Modulex are a rare, older subdivision of LEGO that has been rather hard to find. Any how, back to my title announcement — Bricklink is finally selling modulex pieces. Now granted they can get pretty expensive with some of them being $.40 USD or more per piece, but at the same time, they only way to find them up till now has been the rare auction on Ebay. I don’t know if I’ll be buying any of these any time soon, but its good to know that they are available if I want them. 🙂

Hello world!

August 1, 2008

Hi, there. For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Mariann Asanuma and I am a former Master Model Designer from LEGOLAND California. Now I have started a new website:

And a new business. Now, I am a freelance LEGO Model Building and I write books that teach people how to build like a LEGO Master Model Builder.

The first book is “How to Build a Round Ball with Square Bricks!” It shows you how to build a LEGO ball.