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Pictures from the Past

January 20, 2010

On Eurobricks member Def shared scanned-in images from a LEGO souvenir program for the LEGO World Show that was on display during Christmas time in Canada in 1984.

Many of the younger builders (early 20 somethings and teens) may not remember LEGO Truck Tours and shows. With four LEGOLAND Parks, the LEGOLAND Centers, and LEGO Stores all over the world LEGO just doesn’t do elaborate shows that travel around quite as much.

Compared to today’s model building standards, some of these models seem quaint and even simplistic. However, it must be said that models such as these were the inspirations for many of us when we were children. It also must be stressed that Master Model Builders of the 80’s did not have all the various colors, parts, and elements that we do today and yet they still managed to create some stunning creations.

What we would think of common colors today such as brown and orange were not even close to being available. Not to mention medium blue, lime green or dark red. There were only six colors back then. Six — Red, yellow, blue, white, black and light gray. 😯

In fact I can still remember clearly when all of these “newer” colors became available. 😉

Although many of us look back fondly on our childhood memories of Classic Space, Classic Castle, etc. LEGO shows and truck tours such as the one pictured here were the only way most of us ever got to see the larger than life creations of Master Model Builders. In many ways the younger builders of today are spoiled in comparison.

Nowadays with the internet, the LEGOLAND parks, LEGO stores, etc. even if we can’t physically go to these places, we can see images of the models around the world. Also, with resources such as Flickr, Eurobricks, and MOCpages not only can we see what Master Model Builders are doing but we can see what other LEGO fans are creating. And with Pick-a-brick and Bricklink we can create monumental creations of our own.

So, even though I still haven’t gotten that cypress tree element yet or the monorail that I wanted so much when I was little, I am glad to be in the here and now where we can relive the past through scanned in pictures and build towards the future. 🙂