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New LEGO Sort and Store

November 27, 2010

On of the strangest new LEGO products that I recently found at the store is the new Sort and Store giant minifig head.


If you are familiar with the Box 4 Blox sort and store product, this is almost the same thing. The only difference is that it is round and has less levels of sorting. And if you are wondering, it costs $40.


What can not be conveyed properly through the pictures, is the shear size of the minifig head. It is so huge that if modified could almost become the head piece for a costume as it is larger than a human head. 😀

Stormtrooper plus LEGO brick equals one crazy costume!

November 2, 2009

You’ve seen Stormtrooper costumes and you might have even seen LEGO brick costumes, but have you ever seens a Stormtrooper LEGO brick costume?

I’m not sure exactly where this image came from (it was linked to me via Facebook), I wish I knew so that I could give them credit, but here is a rather unique Halloween costume.

To me, dressing up as either of these things seems like a rather uncomfortable costume, but put them both together and it just looks rediculous! 😀

I meant to post something on Halloween, but I was too busy enjoying the holiday at LEGOLAND’s Brick or Treat. So, Happy (late) Halloween and I hope you all had a fun time and didn’t eat too much candy. 😉

Hoppy Easter!

April 9, 2009

Okay, I know it’s a few days till Easter, but I wanted to get a jump on it. 😉

On my Flikr Group LEGO Miniland I have a monthly building challenge. This month’s is called Hop to It!

When I was thinking up the challenge I came up with this little guy. He’s not too happy to be in the bunny suit, but who would be?

When I was working at the Model Shop in LEGOLAND California, one of the funnest projects I worked on was creating a whole bunch of Halloween costumes to update Miniland for Brick or Treat. I think I designed something like twenty or so costumes including a man in a LEGO brick suit, a spider costume, a banana costume, and a mermaid. Before that all they had to decorate Miniland was a bunch of “traditional” Halloween costumes like mummies, vampires, and a ton of witches.

I was really happy how this model turned out. The Easter basket was a fun accessory to build. I would have preferred making it in tan, but I didn’t have the parts.