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Check out the new Creator sets coming out this summer

May 21, 2009

Over at Eurobricks you can see some of the upcoming Creator sets. Some like the house and dragon are similar to previous sets. Although at a smaller price point.

While I’m not all that excited with the models in these particular sets, I absolutely love the Creator line. Its a great source of parts! Tiles, cheese slopes, plates, these sets have it all. I’ve been known to buy multiples of sets, even when I didn’t like the model, just for the parts it contained.

I also like how the Creator sets are showing more model building tricks. They never had sets like these when I as a kid. Since I am all about teaching children (and those young at heart 😉 ) what an art form LEGO can be, I hope LEGO keeps bringing these sets out for a long time.

Toy Fair 2009

February 17, 2009

Here a few videos showing the new LEGO Star Wars, Agents, and Creator sets at Toy Fair 2009.

No onions aka Ace Kim of FBTB has a whole slew of images on Flickr covering Power Miners, Bionicle, Mindstorms, Racers, Space Police, Castle, City, Indiana Jones, and Star Wars.