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Miniland Ballerina Christmas Ornament

November 12, 2010

Ballerina Ornament 1

Recently I’ve been making a lot of Christmas ornaments to sell on my Etsy Shop Folded Fancy. I created this Miniland scale Ballerina Christmas Ornament last night. It is based off of a ballerina I designed while still working at LEGOLAND as one of 30 or so Halloween Miniland costumes I created when we updated Miniland for Brick or Treat in 2003 (you can see her behind the fairy, one of my other creations).


Ballerina Ornament 5

Now of course, with her feet being the tooth element this ballerina could never stand in Miniland. But, as a Christmas ornament, she doesn’t need to. 😉

New Items at My Etsy Shop

November 9, 2010

Even if it is a little early, Christmas is starting to be on my mind and I’ve added some new items to my Etsy shop just in time for the Holidays.

For the professional that still wants to show their whimsical side the LEGO Brick Business Card Holder:

Snowflake ornaments to decorate your Christmas tree:

Or Mini Penguin Dangle Earrings to wear:

These are just a few items you can find on my Etsy Shop Folded Fancy right now. So if you’re interested, check it out. 😉