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Wait a day to get LOTR Video Game

November 9, 2012

Update–You may want to check with your local Gamestop. There is a thread on Eurobricks that Gamestop may not have any Elrond figs to give out. I called the one near me and they still have them. If you ordered through a store you might want to check with them.

I just happened to be at Gamestop today and I was talking to one of the employees. She mentioned that the same day that LEGO Lord of the Rings now comes out (since it was pushed back 2 weeks) is also the same day that the new Call of Duty comes out.

Now, like you, I’ve been waiting for this game to come out for a while. But as the Gamestop employee pointed out, there will be a crazy line of Call of Duty fans all day trying to get the new game and that I just might want to wait till the next day.

I think that this is very good advice. I want to play the new game like the rest of you, but I’d rather not have to stand in a long line just so I can pick it up. I wouldn’t have even ordered it there if it weren’t for the exclusive minifig.

Even though we all love LEGO video games, there are a lot more Call of Duty fans out there. But since I pre-ordered the game and I should still be able to get the game and the fig just as easily November 14th rather than November 13th. I’m waiting and you just might want to too. πŸ˜‰