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The Subacorr

September 2, 2010

The Subacorr

Jeff Cross shows us that even failed LEGO lines like Galidor can have some useful pieces in them. This smooth and sleek spacecraft looks both aquatic and space worthy at the same time.


We can even see the pilot Jezza Thark with his captured brain slug bounty.
Cargo Hold

Although he’s been on Flickr for a while Jeff is new to me. But after looking at some of his work I’ll definitely be checking him out more in the future. Great job Jeff!

LEGO Creator and Ben 10 Sets in 2010

October 10, 2009

I have always been a fan of the Creator line. Mainly because of the great part to price ratio and the fact that the sets are designed to make more than on model. Next year’s 2010 line is no exception. The set that I am most excited about is the new Creator House.

The most exciting feature is the fact that the roof is not the traditional red or black and instead is a very fetching dark blue. At $45 it is a tad expensive, but it seems that all LEGO is slowly rising in price (unfortunately). πŸ˜•

And, surprise, surprise, yet another red car. I don’t know what LEGO would do if they couldn’t create this theme staple. πŸ™‚

Another new line that we are starting to see sets for are Ben 10. From the initial images (and forum responses) this looks a lot like the doomed-from-the-start Galidor line. I may be wrong, at least with Ben 10 it does already have a huge fan base. And even I have to admit that some of the elements might have their uses down the line. To me it looks like a cross between Galidor and Bionicle. However at $18 a pop, I won’t be buying them any time soon.

If you are interested in seeing more of Ben 10 you can check it out on Eurobricks.


June 3, 2009

In another interesting licensing partnership, LEGO has just announced that they are joining forces with Cartoon Network in creating LEGO BEN 10 ALIEN FORCE.

Cartoon Network Enterprises (CNE) and The LEGO Group today announced a global agreement that adds the BEN 10 franchise to the world’s leading construction toy manufacturer’s portfolio of only the best licenses in construction toy form. The deal marks the first time the two companies have partnered on product development, and will bring Cartoon Network’s global sensation boy brand to life in a full line of construction toys based on the popular BEN 10 ALIEN FORCE adventures.

Featuring never-before-seen LEGO elements and a new twist on the LEGO building system, LEGO BEN 10 ALIEN FORCE is sure to bring novelty and excitement to the construction toy category and provide a dynamic way to engage consumers in the core propositions of transformation and action for which the BEN 10 property is known.

The LEGO BEN 10 ALIEN FORCE line is scheduled to launch in the construction toy aisles in the U.S. in spring 2010, and will roll out in additional territories thereafter.

Shivers are running down the collective Adult Fans of LEGO’s spines at the mention of “never-before-seen LEGO elements and a new twist on the LEGO building system.” Many on the forums and blogs are already having flashbacks of the Galidor fiasco that happened a few years ago.

Without any images available, it is hard to really speculate on what BEN 10 will really be like. At least it is an established cartoon show, so there already is a fan base. I’ve seen a couple shows, but have never really followed the Ben 10 craze. I can see how it could be made into a decent theme, if done right. I however, will withhold my judgments and opinions on this one till I actually see the product itself. Hopefully LEGO has learned from the past and this really will be a good thing. πŸ˜‰