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Gingerbread-y goodness!

April 4, 2013

If you’ve been watching online, you might have seen this:

Pigs vs Cows is now LIVE on Kickstarter

Guy Himber, aka V&A Steamworks, has a project on Kickstarter. I posted it originally on my Facebook page (which you should totally follow if you aren’t already 😉 ) but I never got around to posting it here.

And in quoting myself —

If you’re going to BrickCon, the epic and endless battle is on — Pigs Vs. Cows! And Guy Himber want to make this the most epic of epicness with his own custom pig and cow heads. If you want this to be more than just a bacon and milkshake dream, support it on kickstarter!

Now there is an even more epic reason to support it —

Gingerbread Man Limited Edition figure - available to Pigs vs Cows pledges.

Hello Pig and Cow fans!


I have recently confirmed the particulars to make the Gingerbread Man available as an ADD-ON to Pigs vs Cows supporters!

This limited edition custom Miniature Figure will have a unique Gingerbread Man injection molded head form, custom printing on the head, legs and torso in special ‘puffy’ style ink ( to create a 3-D icing effect ) and two custom Circus Animal Cookie inspired BRICKARMS weapons!

This very, very limited edition figure ( less than 250 will be made ) is going to be available to Pigs vs Cows supporters BEFORE anyone else! If they sell out as part of the Kickstarter campaign then that’s all she wrote.

Pricing details coming soon, shipping is free with your PvC pledge.


What Gingerbread men have to do with pigs or cows I’m not all that clear, but who cares! With his Circus Animal inspired guns he can take care of his own bad self. 😀

This is a very, very limited run so if you aren’t already supporting the Pigs vs. Cows movement then I suggest that you do so. There’s still 13 days to go, and with just a little over $500 left to the pledge goal I have a strong feeling that this just might get funded. 😉