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Mantis Mech 3000

May 13, 2011

Angus MacLane, father of the CubeDudes movement also occasionally creates other LEGO models such as this very cute Mantis Mech.
Mantis Mech 3000

Its cuteness hides all the very clever usage of LEGO parts, the most notable is the Hazmat Minifigure’s gun as the Mantis’ antenna. 😉

Something went wrong…

March 17, 2011

Something went wrong...

Igor Makarov makes good use of the new Minifig Collectible Series 4 HazMat Suit guy and lots of trans neon yellow elements. This just made me smile. 🙂

I’ve heard rumors that Series 4 is popping up both here and in Europe. I’ve yet to have seen any in person yet, but I’m looking forward to them. 😉