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40% off All No Starch Press Books

December 4, 2012

If you’re a fan of No Starch Press like I am you just might want to head over to

Yeah, we know you’re tired of all the noise about holiday sales. But in case you still need presents for your greedy relatives loved ones, for the next 72 hours, get 40% off all books and ebooks!

As always, every print book comes with a free ebook edition. Use coupon code TISTHESEASON

There’s a lot of awesome LEGO books that are available and you can’t beat 40% off. They would be a great gift for all your literate loving LEGO friends. 😉


The Unofficial LEGO Technic Builder’s Guide Book Review

November 28, 2012

Now before I start my review, I have to post this disclaimer — If you’ve been reading me for a while you’ve probably figured out that I’m not a Technic builder. Never really have been and most likely never really will be. Sure I use Technic parts all the time. But I almost never build exclusively in Technic and with the exception of the new jewelry display racks I designed a couple months ago I hardly ever think about building with Technic exclusively.

I would like to thank No Starch Press for providing me with a copy of this book so that I could review it.

There, now that that’s over with I’ll start my review: 😀

My first impression as I thumbed through this book that it was very, very in depth but at the same time it was very wordy. Now I get that Technic guys usually are engineers in training (or professional ones when they grow up) but even so, this book had almost way too many words. I suppose it comes from me being more on the artistic side rather than the engineering side, but I’m much more of a visual learner.

Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of pictures in the book as well. Even if I am not a Technic builder, I know all the basic fundamentals. I’ve built my share of Technic models over the years, and as I said, I use the elements all the time and I am fairly versed in their uses. So looking over this book (without fully reading it I must admit) I can tell that it really does show pretty much everything you need to know about how to do all the basics for practically every Technic technique out there.

What this book is invaluable for is for learning all the basics without having to figure them out by yourself. Learning how to create a properly working pneumatic system or a gear shift without all the trial and error is awesome.

I see this as a very valuable tool for those that are just starting to forge the waters that are Technic models. Someone who loves all things mechanical and wants to know how they work. I do recommend it for the burgeoning Technic builder out there or even those like me who have been building for a long time but who don’t know all the basic Technic do’s and don’ts.

Preparing for BrickWorld

June 11, 2010

BrickWorld 2010 is just a few days away. This is my first time to this particular LEGO convention and I am looking forward to seeing all the fantastic models and the even more fantastic people that will be there. At last check, there are 795 registered attendees at this year’s convention! 😯

I am frantically doing all my final preparations for going. Although I will be bringing a few models, mainly my Golden Gate Bridge and a few Miniland Superheros (don’t worry I will showcase them on this blog soon). In past conventions I have brought a lot more models. But as I am flying to this one that limits what I will be bringing.

Not only am I going, but I am also bringing copies of my books, key chains, and many other items to sell. I will be helping out my good friends Tom Erickson and Jackie Ottinger of Bricks and Boards with their vendor table during the convention.

As a result, my suitcase is getting rather full — 😮
Preparing for BrickWorld

I haven’t even packed all of my bridge or other items like clothes yet (you don’t really need them right? 😆 ) I may even have to bring two suitcases at this point.

Hopefully my suitcase will be much lighter on the return trip, of course I don’t know what I will find at the Scratch and Dent sale yet . . .

I really look forward to seeing all my friends and meeting lots of new ones at this convention. Any of you that are going, hopefully we will meet during the convention. 🙂

Depending on internet access, I will try and cover the convention as best as I can on this blog for those of you who can’t make it. Now back to packing. 😉