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40% off All No Starch Press Books

December 4, 2012

If you’re a fan of No Starch Press like I am you just might want to head over to

Yeah, we know you’re tired of all the noise about holiday sales. But in case you still need presents for your greedy relatives loved ones, for the next 72 hours, get 40% off all books and ebooks!

As always, every print book comes with a free ebook edition. Use coupon code TISTHESEASON

There’s a lot of awesome LEGO books that are available and you can’t beat 40% off. They would be a great gift for all your literate loving LEGO friends. 😉


Celebrate Bricktober at Toys R Us

October 5, 2009


This month a Toys R Us (at least in the US) they are having a fun promotion. Certain LEGO sets are 30% off , which is always nice. 🙂 Of course since TRU is always a little bit more than the suggested retail price its more like 20%. All of the other LEGO is 15% (see picture below) till October 10th.

TRU Oct Ad

Part of the promotion is free collectible bricks that you get — one per person per week — with purchase of a LEGO set. That’s what the top picture shows, the first brick. When you get all four bricks it makes a picture. The back of the brick says “Bricktober Week 1.” My only “complaint” with this promo is that I have to go back to Toys R Us each week and buy another set to get all four bricks. It will probably boost LEGO sales at TRU, but my wallet will be lighter. 😉