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’61 Dodge Polara…Aztec Gold

May 24, 2011

Lino Martins is known as “THE car guy” for two very good reasons:

1. He’s the founder of LUGNuts on Flickr
2. He builds models like this:
'61 Dodge Polara...Aztec Gold

This chopped and lowered custom ’61 Dodge Polara is called Aztec Gold and features a fiery hot lowrider paint job, ruby jeweled grille, classic white interior and shimmering pearl gold accents throughout. The strange engine under the hood is a Long Ram and the spare tire cover on the trunk lid blazes in yellow and gold like the Aztec sun.

This was built for the Plus Or Minus Ten challenge over at LUGNuts where we had to build any vehicle from the year we were born…plus or minus ten years. In this case I went minus ten with this flashy ’61.

'61 Dodge Polara...Aztec Gold

Now even Lino will tell you that I’m not into cars, but when something this snazzy and this plaid comes along, I just have to stop and take note of it. The coolness meter just blew up after seeing this one! 🙂

Lino’s Lionfish Starship

July 19, 2010

Lino Martins, no slouch when it comes to model building, is currently going head-to-head with equally talented builder Guy Himber in what can only be called Iron Builder (naturally). 😉

Just like Iron Chef there are secret ingredient pieces that must be used in clever and interesting ways. They are building these for a Builder’s Lounge challenge.

Not to be out done Guy created this Urchin

It all started with a simple CubeDude version of Lino:

Cube Dude Lino was concerned as to what fate V&A Steamworks had planned for him.

He should be VERY afraid……….

Another creation by Guy with the same mystery part is this:

I don’t know exactly how they will tell who wins this competition, but I will keep an eye on both of their photostreams on Flickr.

Can you guess what the mystery part is? Hint — its white and curved. 😉

Doctor Mobius’ Cloud Moth

February 5, 2010

I posted last year the work in progress of Doctor Mobius’s Mantis made for the Battle Bugs display at BrickCon 09. Well now Jason (aka Doctor Mobius) has created a Cloud Moth for Battle Bugs latest challenge Bred for War.

The only thing more epic than the model is the description:

The MDF SB-17 “Cloud Moth” is the Mars Defense Force’s first battle bug designed to project force to other plants. It is designed with a jump drive for FTL travel, Ion Engines for high speed realspace missions, and scramjets for atmospheric missions making it able to complete a wide variety of attack missions.

The Cloud Moth’s scramjets are unique to space fighters of it’s class. While it’s Ion engines are more than capable of propelling it through the atmosphere at supersonic speeds, engaging the jets allows for much greater fuel efficiency as well as cutting the craft’s active flight emissions by 95%. It’s wide wingspan allows it to use only it’s jets in even the thinnest of atmospheres. . .

This is just a third of it! If you would like to read the whole thing, click the picture. 😉

My first thought when I saw this was of Godzilla’s arch-nemesis Mothra. 😀

1960 Chevy Apache and the story behind it

October 22, 2009

Lino Martins is a man known for his amazing car building skills. In fact, one of his creations is even pictured in the new The LEGO Book that was just released.

He is also known for his long explanations of why he builds something. Which I find equally as interesting as the creations themselves. 🙂

His latest the Apache, has a very interesting story to go along with it.

So I built an old truck. Big deal, thats what I always do. Maybe the better story here is not what I did but why.

The tune haunted me as long as I could remember. I’d hear snippets of it in my head or it would be playing very softly in some musty antique shop somewhere and just when I’d try to follow it and really understand it, it would be gone in a flash…nothing but a fading ghosted memory, leaving me not even sure if I’ve heard it in the first place. As it was a wordless instrumental tune, it was impossible to research by keywording lyrics…even a mismatched facsimile of lyrics, as what seems to be normal for me. With no lyrics, no name, and no ability to coherently reconstruct the song from memory, my only choice was to wait for the tune to come to me…and it would, but only on certain occasions. Maybe it has to do with its galloping tribal beat or its heavy use of vibrato, but I associate the tune with battle…but only a certain type of battle.

Recently, we tuned to a streaming surf rock station on my girlfriend’s laptop. Surf rock is, by in large, wordless and nice to have in the background while doing other things…cool, even badass without being overly distracting. It isn’t overly distracting…unless, of course…that certain song comes on. I’m sure you can imagine my reaction when thirty or so seconds into it, I caught on to what I was hearing. With a racing heart and shaking hands, I scrambled to the laptop to see the name of the song and artist before it was gone…gone for good. I felt an eerie shiver up my spine as I read the title. The song that haunted me…the one that came to me in times of distress, in fight or flight situations and in dreams…the one that occasionally came into mind as a fleeting, ghostlike snippet finally had a name! Apache.

Now that it had a name, I vowed to learn as much about it as possible. It was originally recorded in 1960. In name and in sound, the piece conjures up imagery of the American Old West but it was written by members of a British band called The Shadows.

So what does this all have to do with the Lego truck? Its a 1960 Chevy Apache panel truck and shares the same name and year as the song.

Among some very tricky build techniques, it also features a fully detailed engine, spring suspension, opening rear delivery style doors, an accurate looking gas can, Native feathers hanging from the rear view mirror, specially designed suicide doors and a tricky diamond patterned interior reminiscent of diamondback rattlesnakes.

This was built for the LUGNuts 2nd Anniversary Challenge that gave us the freedom to build from any challenge of the previous year. Conveniently, this fit within the “Play That Funky Music” build challenge based on songs. So there you have it…a cool new truck to look at and hopefully a newly rediscovered old song for your playlist. Thanks for reading.

I cropped it a tad (yes, it’s longer than this even) and you can read the full description when you click the pictures. Warning, there is some language kids.

Here is the Diamond interior:

Let’s pop the hood:

And here’s the song that haunted Lino for so long:

You’ll have to look at the full set of images to really appreciate all the details. Great job Lino! 🙂